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Our Mission

Amy Baby Review provides many benefits that can help improve your child’s well being. This may be accomplished by providing useful advice on what products work best in each category without any bias or steering from marketing campaigns like advertising agencies might do when they try to sell their product line.

Another benefit we offer is, you’ll find expert advice when it comes to topics like breastfeeding or potty training for boys vs girls as well as safety ratings within different categories so that you can be confident in what’s safe and what isn’t.

Our goal is to make sure that parents have everything they need at their fingertips so they can confidently raise their children with as little stress as possible. The blog should be a resource for every mom who has questions about parenting and would like some guidance when purchasing baby items.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult finding trustworthy sources on the internet when there’s so much misinformation out there about everything we need to know as parents in this day and age, but Amy Baby Review has been providing real expertise for years now.

Here, you will find all honest reviews on baby-related items – such as toys, clothes, swings and walkers – so you’re able to determine what is best for your little one at a cost that’s in line with the quality of the product.

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We are passionate parents and experts on parenting tips to share our knowledge with other moms. Our expertise has been published by various well-known publications, including –

Editorial Team

Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date, scientifically accurate information that highlights your needs as a reader. Our team of experts and medical practitioners work hard to make sure that the information on our website is accurate for you to trust.

Amy A. Vincent

Amy A. Vincent

I am a mother of three beautiful children. When I first gave birth, it felt like the most life-changing moment in my entire life and as if nothing else mattered but my baby! And then two more came along; they’re all now at school age and growing up so fast! But parenting is not just about taking care of your babies; there are many other things to consider when you have little ones that need you. That’s why I’ve decided to share my experience in this blog by providing helpful parenting tips, taking care of your kids, helping parents find it easier to make informed decisions on baby products that are worth their time and money!

Jamie Feit

Jamie Feit MS, RD

Jamie Feit is an author, speaker and registered dietician who teaches busy moms how to plan healthy meals or crafts that families will enjoy without spending hours in the kitchen. Jamie has extensive education, with a masters degree in clinical nutrition from New York University and more than 20 years of experience helping her patients meet their health goals. With over two decades of professional experience, Jamie also holds the cosher credential of Holistic Certified Health Coach.

Jenny lord

Jenny Lord, MSN, RN

Jenny Lord, MSN, RN is a certified nurse and mother of three children William (11), Phoebe (10) and Daniel (6). She has worked in the healthcare industry for over 9 years. She has done her undergraduate degree from Canterbury Christ Church University and worked as a Nurse at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. Jenny is also a former Midwife, so she understands that experience can be very different in the hospital environment than what you may have heard or read about childbirth.

Maria Regan, RN, BSN, PHRN

Maria Regan, RN, BSN, PHRN a mother of two children, and certified nurse with over six years of experience in the healthcare industry gives us an insight into what it’s like to be both. Her background includes completing her bachelor’s degree as well as taking up nursing courses that bridge from hospital settings into the pre-hospital environments for those who need care before reaching their destination safely – this shows how much she cares about other people!

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