Are Baby Gates Necessary? | An important guide for Child safety

Last Updated on May 12, 2023

So, are baby gates necessary for our children’s safety? Well, the answer is very straightforward, with a big “yes.” It is essential for little crawlers and toddlers.

You can’t keep an eye on your baby all the time. You may have to go to the bathroom or be on your phone. All of a sudden, with a blink of an eye, the little one goes near stairs and falls or enters the unsafe room or kitchen and harms herself.

So, from my point of view, having a baby gate is better because it will block hazardous areas. Therefore, the little one can’t enter unsafe places. It means the baby will occupy herself in the specific area where you want her to play. 

So, with this effort, you can minimize the risk of your baby getting injured to a great extent. It will be worth every single penny of it. You can follow the link if you want to read the retractable baby gate review. Or, if you’re a frequent traveler or want to secure your next-door neighbour’s home while visiting, you might require a portable baby gate.

How a baby gate protects your little ones

Discussion: are baby gates necessary?

You’d be shocked to know that most accidents occur at home. Though the bathroom and kitchen are dangerous places for babies, there is some other stuff in our rooms, which are even riskier for them. For example,

Electric plugs, loose wires, or cords are very dangerous. It would help if you always were proactive in these things. On the other hand, something that can be pulled over, like a wardrobe, bookcases, and so on.

Even more, after the Covid-19 pandemic, most citizens work from a home office. So, there might have small items that can be risky, like paper clips, stapler pins, or erasers, that the little one will be very excited to chew.

So, the safest way is not to let the baby come into the office area. And that you can do with a baby gate. When you are doing your household work, you can secure the workplace with the safety gate.

Furthermore, stairs are another top danger for babies. While toddlers play with their walkers, they might fall near the stairs. Also, they might go to the roadside while playing on the ground floor. In that case, a baby gate is the only solution for you.

Another thing is that the kitchen is the most dangerous place in our house when we have babies. As we have burners or sharp objects in the kitchen, we shouldn’t let the baby come into this place – all you can do with a safety gate.

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What to look for in a baby gate

are baby gates necessary

When buying a baby gate, measuring the doors’ width is crucial. It is because the baby gate’s width might be smaller than the doors. So, you must measure the door width and check the safety gate’s size at the time of purchase. Here’s what else to look for:

Easy to operate:

The baby gate should be easy to open and shut with one hand because you might be holding the baby with the other arm. When you do it, I would suggest you not show the opening tricks to your children. Otherwise, they will unlock it on their own.


When you buy a baby gate, you should check the height of the gate. It should be 23-28 inches tall for the safety of your children or at least three-quarters of your baby’s height. 

When you walk through the gate, don’t climb over it. Due to this, the children will learn this, and perhaps, they will try to do the same.

Slats Gap:

According to Juveniles Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA), you should make the slats gap less than 3 inches. It is because the little one could try to squeeze between them and get stuck with wider gaps. When you install the gate, make sure the slat is always vertical so that children can’t climb over.

Size and Adjustability:

If you want to purchase a retractable baby gate, you should get one that is not stretched to its limits to fit the opening. The reason is that you won’t get enough security with the max-width stretched gates. So, I would recommend you have a bigger one that is adjustable, expandable, or inflexible.

Safety Certification:

All in all, a baby’s safety first is a priority. So, always get a certified product because it is safe to use. When you buy a baby gate, you must get one that is certified by JPMA↗ or the American Society for Testing.

Sturdy Construction:

The little one will try to cross over the gate. She may hang on to it or try to break it. So, you should get a product that can maintain her pressure and strength of her for a long time. Even more, famous brands like Retract-A Gate come with a warranty or replacement if there is any manufacturing defect. 

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At what age should you stop using baby gates?

Parents should install baby gates in homes with children between 6 months and 2 years old. When the child has reached two years of age or can climb over the gate, it is advisable to remove the gate for safety purposes.

Why do we need baby gates?

Baby gates can provide children with a safe and secure environment by blocking off potentially dangerous areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or keeping them out of sight. Parents can use baby play yards to create a designated space to control the play area further. This way, kids can enjoy playing without worrying about getting into trouble.

Does baby gate need to touch floor?

The top edge of the baby gate should have a straight design and consist of either rigid bars or a tight mesh screen. There should be no more than 2 inches (5 cm) between the floor and the bottom of the gate to prevent a child from slipping underneath. You should note that even with this setup, a child may still be able to push hard enough to knock over the gate.


So, the necessity of baby gates in today’s parents is inevitable. In this era, it is challenging to look after the baby all day long. And quite often the moms are busy on their phones. At that time, an accident can happen to their babies. But a baby gate will restrict them from entering the dangerous place, and thus, it will minimize any unwanted circumstance to a great extent. So, yes! It would be best if you got a safety gate for your little one. 

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