Are Baby Walkers Good On Carpet?

Last Updated on March 14, 2023

Many parents have a dilemma when it comes to baby walkers. They want to give their child the freedom to explore the world around them, but they also worry about safety. One question that many parents ask themselves is, “are baby walkers good on carpet?” This blog post will answer this question and more!

Are Baby Walkers Good On Carpet?


If you have carpets in your home, you’ll be glad to know that baby walkers are safe. The major reason for this is that it lowers the danger of your infant being injured. On hardwood or tile floors, the walker may slip out from underneath your child. Because of the rough surface, the small one might fall and suffer an injury.

The soft surface of the carpets will not let this happen. Give your baby a try on a walker in your living room or bedroom. You’ll see that he can even cruise around for quite some time without slipping out of control.

However, don’t forget that not all baby walkers are appropriate for carpeting. Some walkers are specifically constructed for carpet flooring. These walkers have been designed to be lightweight so they can move quickly. Furthermore, some of them didn’t include safety stripes to help them go faster. This is because carpets have a lot more friction than wood floors.

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Although a baby must push the walker strongly on the carpet in order to move, it develops his leg muscle and helps him learn to walk quickly. Even if you have the best baby walker, moving on the carpet floor takes some additional effort. But we appreciate it because walking on the carpet floors protects him while he learns essential skills such as balance and walking.

The manufacturer recommends four months to sixteen months as the right age for a baby walker. Although a youngster may not be able to push a walker at four months, the play panel comes with it, making him ecstatic. The music and noises will improve his hearing ability, and light-up buttons will clear his vision. It’s good that it will keep the baby away from the screen device.

We have a guide on when should baby start using walker. You may read it for further information.

So, if you have carpet flooring in your house, a baby walker is perfectly acceptable for the infant to play with. But you must keep an eye on him while he’s utilizing this type of equipment to avoid any injury.

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