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Baby Walkers Are Good On Carpet: An ultimate guide for new parents

Updated on April 21, 2021 by Amy A. Vincent

You will love to know baby walkers are good if you have carpet floors. The main reason is that it minimizes the risk of your baby from being wounded. On wooden or tiles floors, the walker may slip out under your baby. The little one can fall and cause injuries due to the hard surface. On the other hand, there are enough cushions on the carpet floors for your kids to crawl, play, and move around.

But don’t forget all the baby walkers are not suitable for carpet areas. Some walkers are specially designed for carpet floors. The manufacturers have constructed these walkers light-weighted with intent. Even more, they didn’t add safety stripes in some of them to move swiftly. 

The reason is that carpet floors add extra friction compared to wooden floors. If you need a baby walker that works on carpet nicely, you can follow the link. I have reviewed the top baby walkers for carpet areas on that page. So, it will help you to choose the best-fitted one according to your needs.

Though a baby has to push hard on the carpet to move around the house, it also develops the little one’s leg muscle and helps him to learn to walk fast. Even if you have the best baby walker, it requires some additional energy to move from one place to another. But I appreciate the carpet floors that keep him safe while learning the critical skill of walking.

The manufacturer recommended age of having a baby walker is four months to sixteen months. Though a baby may not have the strength of pushing a walker at that age of four months, the play panel comes with the walker that would make him so cheerful. The music and sounds will increase his hearing ability, and light-up buttons will develop his motor skills. Something I like about this toy is that it keeps the baby away from the screen device.

Therefore, if you have carpet floors in your house, it is perfectly safe for the baby to play with a baby walker. But you have to keep an eye on him when he is playing with this kind of stuff to avoid any accident. 

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