Top 8 Best Baby Push Walkers in 2020 | Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

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By Amy A. Vincent | Last Updated on

If you are looking for the best baby push walkers, have a look at our comprehensive review to find one that is best suited to your baby! This ultimate buying guide will help you find the best push walker for your little one. Nowadays, parents prefer the push walkers rather than traditional ones. The reason is that it is less risky than conventional walkers. It gives you a better balance while learning to walk. Let’s dive into the review section to reveal your most desired one.

If you are too busy to read the whole article, I would recommend you to get the Radio Flyer Classic Wagon Walker. Because it is one of the best selling walkers all over the United States, and the features and quality are definitely worth your money.

The Ultimate Review of Best Baby Push Walkers

There are many push walkers available on the market, but all are not up to the mark. Some of them don’t roll nice, or some of them are built with cheap materials. But you don’t have to worry about it. The reason is that I’ve got the critical task done for you. I’ve picked the best push toys below and described their specialty. What you have to do is that just go through all the reviews, read the features & pick the one you like.

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand ( Best learning walker )

Best baby push walkers

VTech Sit to stand is the top walker of my list because of its sturdy materials and proper balance. Something I really like that you can control the speed of this toy, all thanks to the adjustable resistance settings. On top, it works excellent on both hard and carpet floors.

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I appreciate the removable play panel that helps to increase a child’s motor skills. Don’t forget it comes with five colorful piano keys that play different music. Even it can play over seventy sings along songs. So, you get a wide range of music options here that not only blow your little one’s mind but also make him play for longer times with it.

It requires 2AA batteries to play the music panel, but don’t worry! The cells are included in the play panel, which we don’t see often. There is also a cute little telephone toy attached to it. You will love it when your little one has fun talking to her dad with the pretend telephone.

Furthermore, the three shape sorters will teach your child about the alphabet, numbers, and colors. When he plays with the two colorful spinning rollers, he will giggle a lot, you will see. Finally, three lights up buttons will develop his motor skills. 

Above all, the recommended age of your baby to have this walker is nine months to three years old. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your little one when he is playing with this kind of stuff to avoid injury.

  • You can remove the play panel
  • Adjustable wheel speed
  • Works both on floor and carpet
  • Six colors available
  • Battery included
  • Hard to assemble

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2.Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook ( Baby walking cart )

VTech Sit-to-Stand ( Best learning walker )

If you like to get more out of your purchase, bright starts giggling gourmet shop n cook walker is just for you because it has four modes of play available in it.   

This bright starts walker comes with a removable cooktop. It makes real popping corn sounds, probably when the little one walks or pushes the light-up button. This walker shines when your baby is growing. As you remove the cooktop, a beautiful shopping cart reveals. So, the tot can play with the cart, just like mom and dad use it at the grocery store. Hence, they can have endless hours of playtime fun. 

Furthermore, the wheels are sturdy that roll good on both hard or carpet floors. You will love to know that it gives proper balance to your kids when they try to walk. So, if you are looking for a push baby walker with great balance, this is going to be the perfect one for you. 

On top of this, you can lock the cart legs that make the cooktop into a stationary activity table. It will keep the little one engaged for hours. The three shape sorters you get inside the cart will teach about different shapes. There is enough space in the cart where you can store other toys in it. It means the little one can carry all favorite toys inside the walker. 

The manufacturer’s suggested age of using this walker is 6 to 36 months. And it is made with high-quality materials. So, this walker will grow with your child.

  • Four in one play design
  • Removable activity panel
  • Wide legs ensure a proper balance
  • Works nicely on both hard and carpet floor
  • Activity music will stop after some time

3. NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand ( Push toy walker )

NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand ( Push toy walker )

NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit to Stand walker is another top sturdy baby walker that you should have a look. Because the multi-functional features you get in this walker will worth your money. On top, it is safe because the manufacturer used 100% non-toxic, high-quality materials in it.

I appreciate the toy as it comes with adjustable speed control settings. The slow mode relieves the initial dread of your baby. Then it improves her body balance and also helps for the first footstep. In contrast, the fast mode will encourage her to run and promote motor skills. So, it will help develop your baby’s coordination and strength. Eventually, she will learn to walk while playing with it. 

Something I like that when you swing the legs of the walker, an entertaining table reveals. The colorful steering wheel on the table plays vivid music and sounds. It seems like your child becomes a little driver who is driving the car around the town freely.

Additionally, with the mini mobile phone, your baby can have fun talking to his dad. On top, the little one will be so excited about the five animals when they make a funny noise. When you turn the airplane lever, it makes a vivid sound. Thus, it will make the tot amazed. Above all, the toddler will have a good wrist exercise too.

Along with it, there is another learning feature that will make your child educated. Once you rotate the table, a beautiful drawing board reveals. The tot can write and draw with its existing pet pen and four colorful small props. So, the little one’s ingenuity and imagination will be developed through painting and drawing.

The assembly is very is simple. You can do it with no time. Don’t forget it requires three AA batteries to play music. The manufacturer suggested age is nine months to three years old. And of course, it comes with two years of quality guarantee.

  • 3 in 1 activity walker
  • Very sturdy
  • Lots of learning features available
  • Non-toxic materials made
  • Comes with two years quality guarantee
  • You have to buy three AA batteries

4. LeapFrog Scout’s 3-in-1 Get Up and Go ( Baby push cart ) 

LeapFrog Scout's 3-in-1 Get Up and Go ( Baby push cart )

When looking for a push walker for baby, LeapFrog Scout’s would be an ideal choice for you because it comes with 3 in 1 multi-functional activity that will meet your little one’s all entertaining and learning needs. 

First of all, the stability of the walker is excellent because of its wide wheels. Even you can adjust the speed settings. So, you can make the wheels slower for the beginners. The little one will learn to get up with the help of this walker. When she pushes the bar, she will learn to walk. 

Something I like about this walker is that you can easily manipulate it for floor playtime just by swivelling the activity panel. It comes with colourful dangling toys. Thus, the baby can play with those toys lying on the floor. You will appreciate that the wheels are sturdy and work great on carpet areas. 

There are three activity modes you will get in this walker that will encourage the baby’s physical movement. First of all, it plays melodious music. Secondly, the tot gets introduced with shapes, letters, and numbers with it’s learning games. Finally, the colourful five piano keys, a phone, and a bead spinner will develop motor skills. 

Don’t forget the activity panel is detachable. So, the adorable baby can play with it all day long, sitting on the carpet. I appreciate the included batteries, but they are just a demo. Three months to three years, baby can play with this infant push walker. 

  • 3 in 1 activity play panel
  • Playtoy is detachable
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Speed control settings available
  • Good balance
  • Demo batteries included. Need 2 AA batteries
  • The sounds quality is poor

5. Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy ( Best wooden walker )

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy ( Best wooden walker )

If you are looking for a wooden pushcart baby walker, this is the one that will meet up your all needs. It is the doctor’s orders walker to keep the child busy in playing as it helps him stay away from screen devices.

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It comes with some fun features. First of all, the chomping alligators will make the little one amused. Then the spinning butterfly and ladybug beads will develop excellent motor skills. And the sturdily constructed walker will help your baby learn to walk 

The walker makes some gentle clacking noise when the little one pushes to walk. But it will make him curious about the sound and eventually develop his thinking ability.

Hence, this wooden push walker can be a great gift for 12 months and up kids. Its features will nurture their minds and hearts. The way Melissa and Doug have designed; it is called the gold standard in early childhood play. 

  • A good sturdy walker
  • Works nicely on floor and carpet
  • Built with quality woods
  • Good balance
  • Requires no battery
  • No musical play toy available
  • Too small for toddlers

6. Hape Wonder Push and Pull ( Toddler push walker )

Hape Wonder Push and Pull ( Toddler push walker )

Hape wonder walker is another high rated wooden walker. This award-winning baby walker has lots of quality features in it that will force you to have one. On top of this, the wheels are sturdy enough to pull up your kids. Even more, it comes with rubber lining wheels to protect your wooden floor. 

Something you will really like that it offers five different activities along with learning to walk. So, your kid will have endless fun as it has movable knobs, gears, and colorful balls that all develop excellent motor skills. 

I appreciate that the wooden infant walker is made with child-safe materials. Even the paint finish is non-toxic and durable. So, if the baby puts the hands inside the mouth right after touching the walker, he will be safe. But you should be careful because there may have dirt and dust. 

Don’t forget the storage base of the walker offers to store other toys. So, the tot can have a tour with his all favourite toys together. Even it makes room for friends to come along for the ride. 

Therefore, you can assemble this toy with ease. It won’t take much of your time. So, these features and quality made it the best selling wonder walker from Hape toys. 

  • Rubber lining wheels will protect floors from scratch and dent
  • Sturdy walker that helps to pull up
  • Built with child-safe materials
  • Great balance
  • Offers other playing activities
  • Hard to roll on the carpet
  • No music toy available

7. Radio Flyer Classic Wagon (Best push walker)

Radio Flyer Classic Wagon - Best push walker

This toy is a popular one among parents because of its classic looks that remind of their childhood. Though the walker seems simple in design, it is made with natural solid wood.

Baby will learn to stand and then walk with confidence as it comes with resist push features. It ensures excellent balance at the time of walking. A cute little bumper will protect your furniture from dent and scratch.

This baby walking cart works well on both hard floors and carpet floors because of its big wheels. The cart is spacious enough that the baby can put his or her all toys in it. Even it has adequate space for friends to sit for the ride. The removable wooden stake sides are not that sturdy. So, if your baby is a climber, you have to keep an eye on him or her. To a grandmother, it will be a great gift if your grandchild is 1 to 4 years old. 

  • Classic looking walker
  • Made with solid wood
  • Bumper will protect furniture
  • Sides are removable
  • Works on floor and carpet
  • No play activity toy
  • Looks very simple
  • Sides are frail

8. Little Tikes 3-In-1 Activity Walker ( Best baby push toys )

Little Tikes 3-In-1 Activity Walker ( Best baby push toys )

Little tikes is another jungle-themed 3 in 1 activity walker within your budget. It has fun engaging lights that will project on the ground in front of the walker. Baby will try to chase it. So, it will inspire them to keep moving. It has excellent tension and doesn’t slip over. Thus, the little ones can learn to stand and walk with ease. You can even adjust the speed with its control settings on the wheels when the baby is a beginner.  

The walker is foldable. When you fold it, an activity table reveals packed with unique features and fun that will keep your baby busy in playing. A cute monkey slider, peek a boo lion, and spinning toucan ball will make endless fun and giggles! Even the play panel comes with over 70 different activities with songs and sounds. It will teach your baby about shapes, colours, music, and lights. 

3 AA alkaline batteries are included in the toy. So, you don’t have to buy them initially. This walker rolls well on the hard floor and carpet floor. If your baby is six months to thirty-six months, you can have one for him.

  • 3 in 1 jungle-themed activity walker
  • Works on both hard floors and carpet floors
  • Batteries included in the activity panel
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • A noise may occur when pushed fast

Things to consider before buying a baby push walker

cute baby lying on the bed- amybabyreview

A push walker is a great walking aid that also comes up with some enjoyable activity toys. It will bring a lot of happiness in your baby’s childhood and worth your money if you select the appropriate one! There are a few things you need to consider before buying a push walker. Let’s have a look at them below:


Quality is the first thing that you have to look for when you buy any product. You should check whether the materials are high-quality and non-toxic or not to ensure your child’s safety. I’ve mentioned which walker is made with non-toxic materials. You will find this in the review section. So, when you buy a product, I would suggest you read the product description and pros & cons. It will help you get the best one as per your choice. When you find a quality product, it will grow with your child. Hence, he or she can use it for a long time.

Stability and sturdiness: 

The walker should be stable and sturdy enough to pull up your kids because they will try to stand up, holding the handlebar. So, the handle has to be firmed sufficient to carry the little one’s body weight. If it slips out, the baby can fall and cause serious injuries. That’s why you should be careful when the baby plays with this type of toy.


Wheels are an essential factor you need to look at the time of buying a push walker. Keep in mind that big wheels roll nicely on hard floors and carpet floors. It will not get stuck with carpet fibres. Some walkers come with the rubber lining on the wheel. These rubber lines will protect wooden floors from scratch and dent. So, if you have a hardwood floor at your house, I would recommend you get the walker that comes with this feature to protect the floor from dent or scratches. Another great feature to look for is speed control settings. It will let you slow the pace of the wheels for beginners. So, the little one will be safe from injury.

Activity play panel: 

Activity play panel will give you more out of your purchase. I suggest you get a walker with extra features. It will allow your baby to have more fun and play for endless hours. The features you get in the play panel will expand excellent motor skills. The children will learn alphabet, numbers, and colours as well as learn to walk at the same time with one toy.


A product that comes with a guarantee provides extra security. It ensures the brand value and the product’s greatness that you can rely on. Like NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker has two years quality guarantee.


A push baby walker comes in a wide range of price. You should get the best one in your budget because an affordable one will give you satisfaction and worth your money. But don’t go for the cheapest one because of the quality issue.

Final thought 

Thanks for reading the whole review! The above push walkers I have chosen based on quality, sturdiness, multi-functionality, and value for money so that it can give you more out of your purchase. All of them are the best baby push walkers that will help your baby learn to walk and offer endless fun for having the multi-functional activity. Get the best-fitted one according to your choice to make your child so happy and let him hold a pleasant childhood memory. 

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