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8 Best Baby Swing For Colic (2021) | Expert Guide

By Amy A. Vincent | Fact checked by Jenny Lord | Updated on June 24, 2021

If you are looking for the best baby swing for colic babies, have a look at our comprehensive review to find one that is best suited to your little one! Babies will cry, and it is very common. They represent everything in crying. It is the only language to express their hunger, discomfort, pain, or emotions.

But when a baby cries every single day regularly at a specific time, we have to assume that there is something wrong. If he/she continues doing it over 2 or 3 hours, it is baby colic.

Don’t be afraid. Colic is not a disease or any diagnosis. It is a combination of the inexplicable behavior of babies. It is prevalent for them. Every 1 in 5 infants has this kind of symptoms.

The good news is a baby swing helps dramatically to prevent colic. Though all swings won’t work for it properly, there are quite a few swings that moms have got great results. 

After doing deep down research, Amy A. Vincent and her team have selected each swing that will say “Good Bye” to baby colic forever. 

The thing that you have to do is that you read all the product reviews and choose the one you like. All of the following swings will work great for colicky babies.

The List of Best Baby Swing For Colicky Babies

  1. ​Best for two ways swing – Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy
  2. Best for unique swing motions – 4moms mamaRoo 4
  3. Best over-all – Graco Simple Sway
  4. Best for portable colic rocker – Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker
  5. Best for newborn body insert – Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny
  6. Best for sleeping – Graco DuoGlider
  7. Best for baby girl – Graco EveryWay Soother
  8. Best for tight budget – KidCo TR5101 SwingPod
Table Of Contents
  1. The List of Best Baby Swing For Colicky Babies
  2. Best Baby Swing For Colic List
  3. Top 8 Swings for Colicky Babies
  4. How To Choose A Swing For Colic? Factors To Consider
  5. What causes colic in babies?
  6. How to soothe a colic baby In Swings?
  7. FAQs
  8. Final Verdict
Best baby swing for colic

Best Baby Swing For Colic List


Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy
- 2 ways to swing
- 2 recline positions
- 6 swing speeds
- Machine-washable seat
Plug-Inamybabyreview rating fivecheck price
4moms mamaRoo 4
- 5 unique motions
- Bluetooth enabled
- Sturdy nylon fabric
- Plug in swing
- Adjustable recline seat
Plug-Inamybabyreview rating fivecheck price
Graco Simple Sway
- Two swing ways
- 6 swing speeds
- 2-speed vibration
- Standard frame design
Plug-In &
amybabyreview rating fivecheck price
Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker
- 2 in 1 (A swing & a rocker)
- 2-speed vibration
- Compact design
- 5 point harness
Plug-In &
check price
Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny
- 2 swing motions
- 6 swing speeds
- 2 recline positions
- Machine-washable seat
Plug-Inamybabyreview rating fivecheck price
Graco DuoGlider
- 2 in 1 (A glider & a rocker)
- 2 speed vibrations
- Comfort baby like a nursery
- Easy to operate
Plug-In &
check price
Graco EveryWay Soother
- 8 swing ways
- Multi-directional seat
- Six swing speeds
- 16 soothing motions
Plug-Inamybabyreview rating fivecheck price

KidCo TR5101 SwingPod
- Soothe colic baby
- Lulls baby to sleep
- Swaddling & swinging combination
- Very portable
No Plug-In,
No Batteries
amybabyreview rating fivecheck price

Top 8 Swings for Colicky Babies

The following baby swings are great for baby colic. You can choose any of them according to your choice. These colic swings will keep your baby calm and relaxed. Bring back a wide smile on your face and give you peace of mind.

1. Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy

Best for two ways swing

Swing for colic baby – Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy

Age up to: 6 months

Power: Plug-in & battery

Exclusive features: Soothing songs & nature sounds, Six swing speeds, Deluxe seat pad

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

Soothe your baby with both side swing:

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy is a great baby swing for colic. The reason is that you can swing your baby in two ways with it. Side to side swinging will help the little one to fall asleep whereas front to back swinging will prevent colic.

Research shows that swinging helps infants to calm down and soothe colicky babies.

Swing speed:

Even more, it comes with 6 six speeds swing motions. It means you can adjust the movement the little one prefers. So, you have multiple options to calm down your baby when crying.

Soothing music:

Along with it, this baby colic machine is loaded with 16 soothing songs and nature sounds. It also plays a vital role in catching babies’ attention.

Machine washable:

You don’t have to worry about washing the seat when the baby does poop and pee because the seat pad is machine washable. Even more, it comes with head support and body insert that ensures excellent comfort and safety to the babies.

Choose the swing position:

The swing has two recline seat positions that will give so much comfort and flexibility to the little one as well. So, the baby will have a sound sleep, and the colic will be gone forever.

User opinion:

Moms who have used this swing before for baby colic are delighted with this product. They said their babies have stopped crying after using it. Even they love to play in the swing.

  • Comes with two ways to swing for colic baby use
  • Comes with two recline seat positions
  • Machine-washable seat pad
  • Both plug-in and batteries operated
  • Body insert and head support available
  • Six different swing motions
  • 16 soothing songs and nature sounds
  • No vibration
  • Difficult to move

2. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Plug-In Baby Swing

Best for unique swing motions

Best baby swing for colic baby - 4moms mamaRoo 4

Age up to: Birth until child reaches 25lbs

Power: Plug-in

Exclusive features: Five unique motions & speeds, Bluetooth control, Mp3 plug-in, Smooth sturdy materials

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

Unique motions:

4moms mamaRoo 4 is the best bouncer for colic baby. It comes with five unique swing motions that make the baby completely relax and prevent colic.

When you put the baby in the swing and start cradling, the little one will get soothe as it eliminates the discomfort. A newborn infant insert is handy for colic when using this swing.

Mp3 option & built-in music:

This colic bouncer has four built-in melodies that will change the baby’s mood. Even more, there is an MP3 option as well. It means you can play the little one’s favorite tune to calm him/her down.

Bluetooth control:

On top of this, the swing is Bluetooth enabled. So, you can control the swing motion and sound with the mobile phone. When the little one falls asleep, you don’t need to touch the swing. You can stop swinging or music with your Bluetooth device.

Plug-in option:

The thing I like about this swing is that it runs with electricity. You don’t need to buy any batteries for it. So, it will save your money on batteries as well.

Machine washable:

Additionally, the seat fabric is machine washable. Due to this, cleaning the seat pad is not a big deal. Furthermore, it is made with woven nylon material, which is very sturdy but very smooth and cozy. So, the baby is entirely safe and very comfortable in the swing.

Adjustable seat:

Don’t forget; the seat is adjustable. Even you can adjust it to any position up to full recline to ensure maximum comfort. It means you can lay the baby down to flat or put him/her in sit-up positions when needed.

User opinion:

Parents who have used it before are delighted with the product. Even they are very thankful to 4moms. mamaRoo as it has finally relieved their baby from colic and for its all exciting features as well as comfort.

  • Five unique swing motions to prevent colic
  • No batteries needed as it runs with electricity
  • Bluetooth enabled to control movement and sound
  • The seat fabric is machine washable
  • Mp3 plug-in available
  • Sturdy nylon material soft fabric
  • Price is a bit high

3. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Best over-all

Colic baby swing – Graco simple sway

Age up to: 24 months

Power: Plug-in & rechargable Batteries

Exclusive features: Gentle swing motions, 6 swing speeds, 2 speed vibrations, Head support & comfortable seat, Smooth sturdy materials

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

Multi directional swing:

When your little one cries hours for no reason, you can rely on the Graco simple sway baby swing. It will not only stop colic of your baby but also make a big smile on your face.

This product is excellent for baby colic. The reason is that it comes with multi-directional swinging options. Side by side swinging and front to back swinging will help to prevent baby colic. It seems like the baby is still in the mother’s womb. So, the little one is completely relaxed, feel safe, and stop crying.

Plug-in & battery operated:

It also has a plug-in option like the previous one. But the great thing is you can run this colic chair with batteries as well. So, you can take it for outdoor use.

2 speed vibrations:

On top of this, this swing comes with 2-speed vibrations that will keep the baby calm and relaxed. The six different swing speeds will give the option to choose the little one’s favorite momentum.

Removable head support for infant:

It is excellent for an infant as the plush seat comes with a removable head support to keep baby cozy and comfortable while swinging.

User opinion:

The users are pleased with the product. But they reported the lower part of the swing is a bit wide that makes it challenging to move around the house. Otherwise, it is a great swing that you can pick for colicky babies.

  • Multi-directional swinging options
  • Six different swing speeds
  • Runs with AC power and batteries
  • Comes with a 5 point harness
  • Removable headrest available
  • The legs are bit wide

4. Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker

Best for portable colic rocker

Age up to: 24 months

Power: Power cord & 4D batteries

Exclusive features: 2 in 1, 6 swing speeds, 2 speed vibrations, Head support & comfortable seat, Smooth sturdy materials

Overall rating: 4.2 out of 5

2 in 1 option:

The Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker is a great colic baby swing for parents looking to provide their little ones with the ultimate comfort. Firstly, the swing seat doubles as a portable rocker, meaning that you can take your baby’s favorite spot with you when it’s time to leave home.

Different swing directions:

With three different swinging directions, this baby colic chair will soothe any fussy child in no time!

Six swing speeds:

In addition, there are six different swinging speeds available, so finding the right one won’t be an issue either.

Two speed vibration:

The thing I like about this baby colic swing is that its 2-speed vibration makes the baby completely relaxed. Even the vibration brings extra attention to the baby when crying and gives him/her a cozy feeling. So, the little one stops weeping and falls asleep within minutes.

Head support & plush seat:

The roomy seat comes with plush body support to keep little ones comfortable and relaxed. It will make them feel snug and secure.

Plug-in option:

Another thing is that it runs with a power cord as well as 4D batteries. So, it saves money on batteries. Even more, the swing is loaded with five tunes and 5 nature sounds that will keep baby charm all the time.

Small footprint:

Something I like about this baby seat for colic is that it provides a small footprint. It means the swing doesn’t take up a lot of space at your home. So, it fits perfectly with other baby stuff in your house. Even more, you can easily move it from one room to another room because of its small size.

User opinion:

The users are quite happy with the product, but some reported the user manual is not well instructed. Otherwise, it can be a nice small 2 in 1 baby swing for colic baby.

  • Comes with 2 in 1 option (A removable rocker)
  • Two-speed vibration
  • 2 position recline
  • Comfy body support available
  • 5 point harness
  • Makes clicking sound

5. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle

Best for newborn body insert

Plug in baby swing for colic - Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle

Age up to: 6 months

Power: Plug-in & rechargable batteries

Exclusive features: Head to toe & front to back swing, 6 swing speeds, 3 adjustable seat position, snugabunny body insert

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

Side to side cradles & traditional head to toe swing:

If your little one has colic, you can also pick this upright baby swing because it works great for colicky babies. This fisher price baby swing comes with two swinging motions to help soothe your baby.

Its side by side swing will keep the baby calm and relaxed. And head to toe swing will help stop colic. Even more, as it runs with electricity, it saves your money on batteries as well.

Six swing speeds:

On top of this, this swing has six different swinging speeds. So, you can select the speed that the little one prefers.

Sixteen songs & nature sounds:

Furthermore, sixteen melodies songs and nature sounds will divert the baby’s mind when crying. It means the little one will stop crying and listening to music. Eventually, the baby will calm down and fall asleep with this method.

Recline seat positions:

Additionally, a two-position recline seat will ensure enough comfort for your baby. Don’t forget you can adjust the seat position to center, right-facing, and left facing.

The thing I like about this anti-colic swing is that you can easily convert it to different swing positions. What you have to do is press the button and turn. So, changing different swing positions is not that difficult, like other swings. 

Machine washable:

The seat cover is machine washable. So, you can wash it anytime when dirt takes place. I love its little snugabunny body insert, and the head support comes with cute bunny ears.

User opinion:

Moms who have used it before are happy with the product. But they have reported that the footprint of the swing is extensive. Otherwise, it is a fantastic baby swing for babies with colicky.

  • Runs with electricity
  • Comes with six swing speeds
  • Body insert and head support available
  • Two recline seat
  • Three different swing positions
  • Machine washable seat
  • The footprint is a bit bigger

6. Graco DuoGlider Baby Swinging Bed

Best for sleeping

Age up to: 4 months

Power: Plug-in & rechargable batteries

Exclusive features: Head to toe & front to back swing, 6 swing speeds, 3 adjustable seat position, snugabunny body insert

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

Gentle soothing motions:

Graco DuoGlider is another top-quality colic baby machine for reflux. It soothes your baby with the same gentle motion you use when cuddling and comforting the baby in your nursery. So, the little one will feel better, eventually, stop crying.

Calming vibration:

Even more, this colic vibrating chair comes with two gentle vibrations that will keep the little one relaxed.

Plug-in & battery operated:

The thing I like about this swing is that it runs with AC power as well as batteries for your convenience. Due to this feature, the plug-in option will save money on batteries, whereas the battery option will give you the opportunity for outdoor use.

Set timer:

Additionally, there is a timer mode available in this swing that will help extend the battery life.

Relaxing music:

Another thing is that it’s relaxing melodies and nature sounds will keep the baby calm and relaxed.

Recline seat:

It comes with a recline position seat also. So, you can put the baby upright position as well as you can lay down flat. Even more, lowering the seat is very easy. You can do it with one hand.

User opinion:

Mothers who have used it before are thrilled with this glider. They say that they will again have it for their next babies. So, you can certainly get it for your baby too.

  • Six swing speeds
  • Three recline positions
  • Ac power and batteries
  • Vibration available
  • Sleep mode saves battery life
  • Only 2 swing motions available

7. Graco EveryWay Soother Swing With Removable Rocker

Best for baby girl

Colicky baby swing with removable rocker – Graco EveryWay soother

Weight up to: 25 pounds

Power: Plug-in

Exclusive features: Multi direction swing, removable rocker, 16 soothing motions, 6 swing speeds

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

2 in 1:

When looking for a colic baby rocker swing, Graco EveryWay is hard to beat. This swing is loaded with features that will keep the little one playful all the time and say goodbye to colic forever.

Sixteen different soothing motions:

It comes with 16 different soothing motions to comfort your baby. So, you get a wide range of options to soothe the little one.

Multi-directional swing seat:

The colic seat of the swing is multi-directional. It means you can either swing side to side or front to back; that is precisely doctors ordered to calm baby from colic.

Even more, you can easily separate the upper part from the swinging device, and a baby rocker reveals. It will help keep baby by your side throughout the home.

Six swing speeds:

Another thing is that it comes with six swing speeds. So, you can adjust the speed according to your baby’s preference.

Machine washable:

The seat is machine washable, which is essential for any baby items. It means you can clean it any time with no effort.

User opinion:

Parents who have used it before are super happy with the product as it works excellent for colic baby, and the little one loves it’s all exciting features. But they have also claimed the price is a bit high. So, if you don’t have a budget problem, it is a must-have product for your little one.

  • 16 different swing motions
  • Six speeds swings
  • 2 in 1 baby swing
  • Melodies songs and nature sounds available
  • Ac powered
  • A bit high price

8. KidCo Swingpod Swaddle (Best Swing At Low Price)

Best cheap baby swing for colic baby – KidCo Swingpod Swaddle

Age up to: 6 months

Power: Manual (Hand swing)

Exclusive features: Especially made for colicky babies, Swaddling & swinging combined, soft & sturdy material.

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5

Budget friendly:

When looking for the best low cost colic baby swing, this KidCo Swingpod Swaddle would be the top pick for you. It is the best swing for fussy baby. Don’t forget, it is a baby swing, as well as a baby swaddle. It is very light, low price and portable.

Easy to use:

Using this swaddle swing is so easy. What you have to do is that you just put the baby in the swing. Swaddle the fussy baby in it. The strap will hold up your baby tight, which is very sturdy. Then start swinging with the hand. It will provide instant colic relief to the baby.


On top of this, when you are traveling with the baby, it is a must-have product for you. It perfectly fits in your bag and provides you great support during traveling.

You can keep your baby calm and relaxed with this swing. The little one will fall asleep within minutes.

Most parents use it as a travel baby swing, but it also works great for baby colic. So, I suggest you have one, especially if you are the one who has a limited budget.

This swaddle swing will provide the little one instant relief from colic and bring a big smile on your face.

  • Provide instant relief from colic
  • Portable
  • Helps baby to sleep within minutes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perform as a baby swaddle also
  • Manually operated
  • No toys, music or vibration

How To Choose A Swing For Colic? Factors To Consider

There are several baby swings available on the market. But all swings are not well responded to baby colic. There are some key points that you should have a look before you buy a swing for your colicky baby. These are described below:

1. Baby Position: 

You should get a swing that seat is more upright positions rather than the flat position for colic babies because it helps to reduce acid reflux. 

There are some great swings out there that come with multiple seating positions. Graco DuoGlider is the best one among them as it comes with three seat positions.

2. Swing Movement: 

Expert suggests that head to toe swing is ideal for colicky babies. It makes a situation that the little one feels he/she is still in the mother’s womb. So, the baby feels safe and relaxed, which results in stops crying. 

So, you should get a colic baby bouncer that comes up with the option of swinging from head to toe. I’ve already reviewed some great swings that are featured with both side to side and head to toe swinging as well.

3. Swing Speed:

You should get a swing that comes up with multiple swing speeds if you want to make your colicky baby quiet and stress-free. It is because when the little one cries for hours, low-speed swing will not be enough to calm him/her down. That is why you need a swing that swings hard. 


A sturdy swing will keep your baby safe while it is in. When the little one gets older, she will become heavier. But a robust swing won’t break easily. Furthermore, the seat should be soft and well padded.

5. Safety:

It is the point that you can’t overlook any baby items. Baby’s safety is always the priority. So, get a swing that comes with a 5 point harness. It holds the baby tight and prevents falling from. 

Another important thing is that you should always maintain the recommended weight limit when you put your little one in a baby swing.

6. White Noise: 

It is proven that white noise helps baby stop colic. That is why I like the swing that makes noise when swinging. Besides, some swings make nature sounds like wave, wind, or rain that you can pick one for your little one.

7. Power Source:

Some swings run with electricity, whereas some are battery operated. Likewise, some swings come up with both features. I would recommend you to get one that has both options. 

The plug-in option will save money on batteries. And the batteries option will provide you the opportunity of outdoor use.

8. Extra Features:

I like products that come up with additional features because it gives me more out of my purchase. Some swings also offer some extra features such as rocker or bouncer combo, Bluetooth enabled, music inserted, remote control, and so on. I would recommend you get a swing with these features available.

9. Easy to Clean:

It is also an essential element that you must need when you buy a baby product. You always have to keep the seat covers clean and dry. But it seems like a difficult task washing it with hands. That is why I recommend you to get a swing that comes with a machine-washable seat pad. It will make your job a lot easier. 

What causes colic in babies?

The cause of colic in babies is still a mystery. Some doctors believe neurological immaturity or acclimation to the world outside the womb is responsible for it but lasts a short period. 

In contrast, some experts think that presents cow’s milk protein in mommy’s breast makes colic in babies because some infants are allergic to it that causes tummy pain. 

All babies are not the same. Some of them are more sensitive than others. That is why colicky babies react to gas, acid reflux↗, or a food allergy. It is what the expert believes, but the research does not end yet.

Colic baby crying

From a lot of research and based on the expert’s belief, I have sorted out some key points that may cause the baby colic, which is described below:

1. Digestive system immaturity

Sometimes it may be difficult for the little one to digest milk properly as he/she has a brand new gastrointestinal system. So, the milk may be going in and coming out too quickly without breaking down completely. That’s resulting in tummy pain due to gas in the intestines. 

2. Infant acid reflux

The research found that acid reflux, which is known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), can trigger baby colic. Sometimes the lower muscle of tummy throws stomach acid to the throat and mouth that irritates, and the baby starts crying.  

But the good news is that it doesn’t last long. It goes away in between 3 to 4 months of age. 

3. Overstimulated sense:

In the mother’s womb, the environment is different totally. The only thing the little ones do in the womb is to sleep and eat without any disturbance. But after birth, the babies discover the whole new world. Sometimes they may become more sensitive to the stimuli in their surroundings. Or sometimes, they become overwhelmed and start missing that previous environment. To express this emotion, they cry for long hours. 

But when you put them in the baby swing, they feel the same surroundings as if they were still in the womb and stop crying.

4. Food allergies:

Food allergies may also cause colic to babies. Some infants are allergic to cow’s milk protein that is known as lactose intolerance. When you feed formula-fed, the little ones can be allergic to it that results in colicky babies.  

5. Tobacco exposure:

Research shows that if you smoke during pregnancy or the times when you are still breastfeeding, you are more likely to have colicky babies. If you are near a smoker, the little one may have colicky behavior too.

So, I suggest you not to smoke either you are pregnant or after birth. Even more, don’t let anyone do it in front of your baby.

How to soothe a colic baby In Swings?

If the little ones cry for more than two or three hours nonstop, you have to assume that your baby has colic. For a new parent, it is apparent that you become so anxious. But don’t worry. The following tips will help you to soothe your colic baby:

How to soothe colic baby

1. Get close to the baby:

9 months in the womb; the little ones were too close to you. Sometimes they start missing those moments. That is why they may cry. So, to keep them calm and feel secure, you have to get close and cuddle them. Hence, the little ones will stop crying.

2. Put the baby down on his/her tummy:

When the infants have colic, take them on your lap and put them down on their stomachs. Then gently rub their back that will help to pass gas, and the little one will calm down.

Even more, this procedure will make the little one’s neck and shoulder muscle stronger. But never do it when the baby is sleeping. You might do it when the little one is awaking and under your supervision.

3. Swaddle:

Take a warm blanket and wrap the little one snugly. It will make the baby feel safe and secure. And this cozy feeling will dry the little ones tear.

4. Put the baby in a baby swing:

A baby swing is a must-have product for the infant. It works super awesome for colic babies. When the little one has colic behaviors, it works magically.

It will make the baby calm, relaxed, and stop colic. But I suggest you get one from the given list because these swings are proven to work best for colicky babies. 

5. Play soothing music:

When you play melodies music or nature sounds to the crying babies, they start responding to it. It makes them quiet and relaxed. And their whimper turns out to a cute smile.

6. Hold the baby upright after feeding: 

Babies who have acid reflux symptoms may experience heat burn to their throats or mouths because breast milk or formula can come back up through their esophagus. Due to this, babies have colic, and they cry for hours.

Holding babies upright after feeding reduces acid reflux to a great extent that also stops colic. So, don’t lay them on their back right after feeding. It may worsen the situation. 

You can also read this guide to find more tips on how to soothe a newborn baby.


1. Does a swing help colicky babies?

Answer: Yes! It does. When the babies suffer from colic pains, a baby swing plays a tremendous role to soothe them. The swing motions provide excess air to move through your babies that help them calm and relaxed. 

Even more, a baby swing also creates a situation that babies feel they are still in mommy’s womb. It makes them feel secure, and they stop crying.

2. Can I use a swing for newborns?

Answer: Yes! You can use a swing for newborns. But according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), you should use the most reclined seat position for the young infants under four months. Even more, you should use the shoulder strap for the safety of the little ones.

3. Can a baby sleep all night in a baby swing?

Answer: No! Never let baby sleep all night in a baby swing. You can let the baby sleep for 3-4 hours maximum in the baby swing but under your supervision. Extended hours or all night sleeping may have Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risk. To learn more about this fact, you can read also this guide.

4. When should a baby stop using a swing?

Answer: When the baby is too heavy to swing, you should stop using a swing. Even more, when the little one is 8-9 months, you should stop using it. Baby will have more floor time fun at that age. He will be crawling or learning to walk.

Final Verdict

Thanks for reading the whole article about the best baby swing for colic. The above baby swings I have chosen based on their quality, ability to cure colic, and user’s opinion so that you can get the best out of it while selecting a swing for colicky babies that will make your little one calm and relax. And finally, you can say GoodBye to baby colic forever. 

There are few essential things you need to look for before making a good purchase of a swing for colicky babies, which I have described in “things to consider when buying swings” part already. Please make sure you keep in mind those points at the time of buying so that you can get the most suitable one for your baby.

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