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5 Best Baby Walker For Tall Babies & Buyer Guide [2021 Latest]

Updated on May 28, 2021 by Amy A. Vincent

Are you looking for the best baby walker for your tall baby? You are not alone. Many parents have children that grow quickly and need to buy new clothes or shoes often, but they also want to be sure their babies can still use the same toys as their friends.

If this sounds like your situation, then you may already know how difficult it is to find a product that accommodates both of these needs. There are many different types of walkers available on the market today, but not all of them will work well with taller children. Though most walkers come with height settings, they are not enough for taller babies.

To help simplify this process, we have compiled a list of the five best baby walkers for tall babies and reviewed them below so that you can find the fittest one for your child.

Here, we’ll learn about:

  • What are the best baby walkers for tall babies?
  • What is the difference between a taller baby walker and other walkers?
  • How does a taller baby walker work?
  • What to look for in the best baby walker for tall babies?
baby walker for tall baby

Top 5 best baby walkers for tall babies

  1. Best over-all: Joovy Spoon Walker
  2. Best for developmental toys: Safety 1St Ready, Set, Walk Dx Developmental Walker
  3. Best for tall baby girl: Disney Music and Lights Walker
  4. Best for a tight budget: Baby Trend 2.0 Activity Walker
  5. Best for tall baby boy: Bright Starts Ford F-150 3 Ways to Play Walker

The Product comparison chart of the best walkers for tall babies:

Joovy Spoon- Super-sized tray with removable insert, insert is dishwasher safe
Folds flat for easy storage and travel
- Seat pad is supportive and comfortable, machine washable
3 height positions, oversized wheels and non slip stair pads
- Maximum child weight: 30 pounds, maximum child height: 33.5 inches. To fold or adjust the height you must turn the rectangular button counter-clockwise 90º and then push in. Lower the walker to the desired height and then release the button
- Open size: 18 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 D inches and folded size: 9 H x 25.5 W x 27.75 D inches
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Melissa & Doug Chomp- It features three chomping alligators, fish on the wheels, and spinning butterfly and ladybug beads.
- It is made with high- quality materials and assembled to precision manufacturing standards.
This child push toy makes a gentle clacking noise when it is pushed. - This cheerful toy encourages gross and fine motor skills while developing hand-eye coordination.
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VTech Sit-to-Stand- Early learning center has 5 piano keys that play music and encourage creativity; wheels work on carpeted and hard floors
- Features 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons that develop motor skills
- Pretend telephone handset and mechanical elements enhance role-play fun; 2 AA batteries are included
- Over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects and fun phrases; meant for babies and toddlers 9 months to 3 years old. Sensory development
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Disney Music and Lights- Folds quickly and compactly for storage and travel
- Age range 0 to 48 months
- 3 position height adjustment
- 2 swing-open activity trays with 4 fun princess themed toys
- Walker has a 3-position height adjustment and is collapsible for easy storage
- Oversized snack/play tray
- Sturdy wheels work on floors or carpets, with grip strips reduce movement on uneven surfaces
- Machine washable padded seat
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KidsEmbrace Batman- The activity walker comes with an easy-swivel steering wheel, gear shifter and attached key, which all make sounds, vibrate and flash lights when played with!
- The polyester cover can be removed and cleaned in your washing machine. The plastic is quick to sanitize as well.
- The harness is designed for ultimate mobility and comfort.
- The Activity Walker can be collapsed and folded for easy storage.
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Our Top Pick

Joovy Spoon Walker

Joovy Spoon Adjustable Baby Walker

  • The maximum height capacity is 33.45 inches & the maximum weight limit is 30 lbs
  • 3 height positions, oversized wheels and non slip stair pads
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel; BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Seat pad is supportive and comfortable, machine washable
  • Super-sized tray with removable insert, insert is dishwasher safe

What are the best baby walkers for tall babies?

Baby walkers for tall babies are designed to accommodate the additional height of taller babies. The average size of babies for the first 6-12 months ranges from 26 to 29 inches.

Baby walkers for tall babies can provide clearance to let toddlers cruise comfortably up to 32-33 inches. These walking devices can handle the additional height and weight that taller babies may struggle to push around with their feet.

What is the difference between a taller baby walker and other walkers?

Baby walkers for tall babies are similar to standard versions but come with more height capacity. The only difference between a typical baby walker and a tall baby walker is in maximum height capacity.

Traditional models are designed to hold children up to 29 inches tall, but taller walkers can carry kids up to 32-33 inches.

Keep in mind that taller babies are heavier because of their extra height. So, make sure that your walking device is sturdy enough to handle the excess weight.

How does a taller baby walker work?

Baby walkers for a tall baby are designed to keep the tot from walking around without their parent’s direct help.

The taller baby walkers come with a higher height adjustment to accommodate the extra inches of taller babies who scoot without bending their knees.

Baby walkers for tall babies have higher weight and height capacities than regular baby walkers.

Although baby walkers are great for introducing babies to their new environment, parents should avoid using walkers much more than 1-2 hours a day.

What to look for in the best baby walker for tall babies?

There are many different types of walkers available in the market today. But all are not efficient to accommodate tall babies. They may not work and even collapse under the weight.

So, when shopping for a walker for your tall baby, consider the weight and height capacities of your desired toy. An ideal tall baby walker should have a weight and height capacity of 20 to 30 pounds, with the maximum height cap at 33 inches.

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There are a few more key features you should look for when buying a baby walker for a tall baby. Let’s have a look at them below:

What To Look For In The Best Baby Walker For Tall Babies?
Courtesy – CanvaPro


One of the most important considerations when buying a baby walker for tall babies is making sure it can keep your child from being too top-heavy. The weight limit should be at least 25 pounds to ensure they will not tip over and get hurt. It’s also important to make sure that you buy a sturdy product since an unbalanced one could pose a danger if tipped, as well!


Many people want their children to grow up in an environment where they feel free with movement and exploration. To do this, parents often purchase products designed for taller kids so that their children can play alongside everyone else without feeling left out or embarrassed by height differences. When shopping for products specifically made for taller children, parents should be aware of the height requirement.

Age requirement:

Parents should also check the infant’s age before purchasing a baby walker. The product is designed to be used from about 12 months old and up, which means that they can stand on their own while using it.

Height adjustability:

There are many products out there with adjustable height settings too! This makes them perfect for parents who have children of different heights in one household or those considering having more kids later down the line.

Size requirements:

If you want your child to feel free when playing, make sure that the size requirements work for him or her! A tall toddler might need an extra large-sized item, but not all shops carry these bigger sizes, so always ask beforehand if required. It’s easy to get a child stuck in one they don’t fit into!


Taller children are more likely than their shorter counterparts to take longer strides when using this type of product, and as such, stability is key! When shopping, keep an eye out for items that offer extra support or those which will automatically stabilize themselves once your little one starts moving about.

Wider walker:

Tall children also tend to spread their legs wider while in motion, so finding one with extra-wide wheels can make the process of getting around that much easier.

Walkers with an adjustable handle:

A height-adjustable handle will help your toddler get used to the idea of walking. It can also be nice for parents who want their children to grow into it but still need some time before they can walk on their own.

Wheels that are made for different surfaces:

This is one area where you may have a bit more luck than looking at products just for smaller kids! Taller babies are less likely to feel like they’re sinking in sand or getting stuck on new carpets – and might even prefer those types of textures because they offer them better traction when trying to move around!

Safety features such as stoppers:

You should definitely lookout for anything with a safety brake or stopper. You’ll want something that will stop the walker from rolling away if your child lets go of it, as well as a mechanism for preventing it from going downstairs.

A seat with back support:

It’s important to make sure there is some kind of comfortable surface for babies to sit on – not just because they will be getting tired! They need this so their growing muscles can have a break every now and then.

Easy to use:

It’s hard enough being a new parent, so make sure that any walker you choose is simple to put together and easy for anyone in the house (or outside of it) to figure out!

The ability to fold up:

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t want your baby rolling away while tucked snugly into bed at night, then folding this thing up before they go down can help keep them inside their crib or playpen as well as safe from harm.”

Safety straps:

No matter what walker you choose, it’s important to ensure that they have safety belts or straps on the inside and outside of their little legs. This will keep your child from getting too close to dangerous objects like open doors or sharp corners.”


You want the wheels to be sturdy and not easy for a baby to push off with one foot while pushing against them with another.

The ultimate review of the best baby walkers for taller babies

1. Joovy Spoon Walker

Best over-all

Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker is a great walker for a tall baby. It has a large tray with a removable insert, making it easy to clean in the dishwasher.

It also folds flat for easy travel and storage and has three height positions so that your child can grow into it.

The seat pad is very supportive and comfortable, machine washable, and comes in many colors, including red, blue, green, or charcoal!

The maximum weight capacity is 30 pounds, and the maximum height is 33.45 inches, so it’s a perfect walker for your tall baby!


It comes with a supersized tray.
The oversized wheels roll nicely.
The non-slip stair pads provide extra safety.
It’s super easy to fold.


No other toys are available.
Only front wheels swivel.

2. Safety 1St Ready, Set, Walk Dx Developmental Walker

Best for developmental toys

Safety 1St Ready, Set, Walk Dx Developmental Walker

Most walkers are designed for children who are just learning to stand, but Safety 1st has created a perfect developmental walker for the tall baby.

This walker offers three developmental toys with multiple activities, 12 charming songs, and flashing lights on the Module so the little one will have golden time in it.

When you remove the toy panel, a large snack tray reveals plenty of room for snacks or the baby’s favorite toys.

It also comes with an adjustable height capacity of 3 different heights (12″ – 32″) and a maximum weight capacity of 30lbs to accommodate the taller baby.

On top of this, the crevice-free activity tray is very sturdy and easy to clean just with wipes. The extra-wide base ensures stability in any terrain.

Finally, this product is safety tested to ensure it will work for your child!


The padded seat is machine washable.
It folds up easily for storage and trips away from home.
The interactive toys help develop gross motor skills.


Spinner toys are not safe for babies. The little fingers might get stuck in it. That’s why it’s better to remove them.

3. Disney Music and Lights Walker

Best for tall baby girl

Disney Music and Lights Walker

The Music and Lights Walker is a perfect walker for your tall baby girl! Firstly, it comes with three adjustable heights to grow with your child.

The maximum height capacity is 32″, so it will accommodate your tall baby. Secondly, the two swing-open activity trays feature four fun princess-themed toys to entertain your little one.

On top of this, the walker folds down flat for easy storage or travel. It also has a comfortable padded seat and sturdy wheels that work on both floors or carpets with grip strips to reduce movement on uneven surfaces.

The seat pad is machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing down over time. Overall, this is a great option for your tall baby girl!


The walker has sturdy wheels to carry the weight of taller baby and grip strips for safety.
When you swing the activity trays, a large snack tray comes out.
It folds flat for easy storage and travel.
Cleaning is effortless due to the machine-washable seat pad.


It does not move well on the carpet floor.

4. Baby Trend 2.0 Activity Walker

Best for a tight budget

Baby Trend Trend 2.0 Activity Walker

The Baby Trend Activity Walker is a great walker for tall babies. Firstly, it comes at a very affordable price. So, if your budget is tight, this is the best walker for you.

Secondly, it features a removable toy bar with toys that can keep your baby busy while they are on their feet too.

Most importantly, the Activity Walker has three height positions and a high back padded seat to make sure that your little one will be comfortable as he/she learns how to walk.

The maximum height capacity is 32 inches, and the weight capacity is 25 pounds, so this toy is just perfect for tall babies.

On top of this, it comes with an extra-wide base for superior stability, so it can stay upright as your baby explores and learns to walk with the help of this product.

Cleaning is effortless too! just use mild household soap and warm water with a sponge or cloth.

Overall, it is a great walker for a tall baby that comes to your budget.


It comes at an affordable price.
The walker will grow with your child due to its three adjustable height positions.
There is plenty of space in the tray for snacks and toys.
The front wheels are multi-directional.


The Assembly process is a bit tricky.

5. Bright Starts Ford F-150 3 Ways to Play Walker

Best for tall baby boy

Bright Starts Ford F-150 3 Ways to Play Walker

The Bright Starts Ford F-150 is another great addition to the list for your tall baby boy. Firstly, it comes with three modes to play.

The two modes allow the baby to play with a normal walker. And push-behind mode is great for when the baby is just starting out.

These modes will be helpful as they learn how to balance themselves on their own feet.

The steering wheel play station allows your little one to steer into imaginative play as it makes authentic truck sounds and comes with lights and a gear shifter.

Plus, the frame is adjustable to three different height positions for your taller baby’s toes to stay nice and safe on top of it. The maximum weight capacity is 24.2 pounds which are fairly okay for taller babies.

It also features safety-enhanced rubber feet to brake, so you don’t have to worry about any injuries from falls or running into furniture.

The seat pad is machine washable, which is great for busy parents as they can toss it to the washer without having to worry about it being too difficult.

Overall, the Bright Starts Ford F-150 is a great toy for taller baby boys that will grow with them.


It comes with three modes of play. So, the little one can get multiple toys in one.
The three different height positions ensure the perfect height for a tall baby.
The steering wheel is removable so the baby can have fun during floor time play or on the go.


It doesn’t roll nicely on the carpet floor.

The wrap up:

Thanks for reading the complete guide about the best baby walker for tall babies. We hope that this post has helped you find the perfect walker for your tall baby. To sum up, we just want to say that your baby can be on their feet and explore for longer periods with the right walker.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new one or just want more information about how to choose the best option for your tall toddler, this post is designed to help. The key things we’ve covered today are height requirements and weight limits that should be set before making any purchase decisions.

We would also love to hear about which type of walkers work best for your family. If you like our blog posts, please share them with other moms!

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