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6 Best Retractable Baby Gate (2021 Reviews) – By Amy A.Vincent

Updated on April 25, 2021 by Amy A. Vincent

Is Mommy or daddy worrying for their child’s safety & looking for the best retractable baby gate? If yes, you’re in the right place. You will find this guide so helpful indeed. So, keep reading!

When you have a crawler or toddler in the house, you have to be so careful. It’s because at this age they are very enthusiastic and want to explore everything around them. They don’t have sufficient knowledge about the safe and unsafe things at this little age. So, a little bit of our carelessness might cause serious injury to them. They might fall from the stairs and get hurt or reach for the kitchen knife and wound themselves.

But keeping an eye on children all the time is a challenging task. That’s why baby gates perform a critical role here to ensure the proper safety of your little one. It blocks the doorways, stairways, or other unsafe areas. So, even if the baby comes nearer to the stairs or reaches the kitchen door, she can’t cross it.

After doing several hours of research & based on real user’s experience, I’ve picked & reviewed some great retractable baby gates below that will provide maximum protection to your baby. If you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to read the full guide, I recommend you get the Retract A Gate Safety Gate. Its features and quality will meet your need and provide excellent safety to your baby.

Retractable Baby Gate
Table Of Contents

The List of Best Retractable Safety Gates


Retract A Gate 72 inches
Best for great safety- Best for top & bottom stairs
- Scratch resistant mesh
- One hand operation
- Childproof tricky lock
amybabyreview rating fivecheck price

Babydan Guard Me

Best for tight spaces- Folds back automatically
- Ideal for small spaces
- Mount inside or outside of door frame or at the top or bottom of stairs
amybabyreview rating fivecheck price
Lascal KiddyGuard Avant
Best for sturdy construction- Fits in most doorways
- Time-release delay mechanism
- One hand operation
- Looks gorgeous
amybabyreview rating fivecheck price
Perma Outdoor
Retractable Baby Gate
Best for the price- Great for tight spaces
- One hand release
- Quality mesh fabric
- Dual action locking mechanism
check price
North States 62″
Extra-Wide Baby Gate
Best for Extra-Wide opening- Covers large area
- Easy to install
- Rounded edges for safety
- Adjustable size
amybabyreview rating fivecheck price
Dreambaby Retractable Gate
Best for using in two locations- Usable in multiple places
- Aluminum sturdy frame & durable mesh
- Perfect for indoor & outdoor use
- Two steps locking mechanism
check price

Why choose a retractable safety gate?

You should go for a retractable child gate because I have seen most people face trouble with the size of metal baby gates. Sometimes it is bigger than the doorways, or sometimes it is smaller. So, they don’t get fitted properly.

Even these gates are not foldable, so they consume a lot of space in the house. Besides, these are not portable enough means you can’t carry them with you.

That’s why the retractable baby gate is an excellent innovation to solve this problem. It takes very little space in the entrance. Whatever the door size is, you can stretch the gate as per your need up to 72 inches. And you can simply take back the gate and make it near to invisible when not in use.

There are many retractable baby gates available on the market. But all of them are not the very best. You have to ensure the product is sturdy enough and long-lasting. That is why this guide is all about. I am pretty sure; any of these gates I’ve reviewed below will fulfill all criteria and ensure proper safety for your little one.

The Ultimate Top 6 Retractable Baby Gate Reviews

The following baby gates are great in quality, durability and sturdiness. You can choose the best fitted one for your children’s safety.

1. Retract A Gate Safety Gate 72 inches

Best retractable baby gate

JPMA Certified:

Smart Retract a gate is one of the best baby gates and my top pick from the list. Don’t forget it is JPMA certified for the top and bottom of the stairs.

Childproof lock:

The gate is very sturdy and flexible. It comes with a childproof lock that means the little one can’t open it. On top of this, the installation of this gate is super easy.

Use one gate as many gates:

Something I like about this mesh baby gate is that you can use one gate as several gates. The thing that you have to do is to buy more brackets and reposition them elsewhere. So, it’s like you pay for one gate and can get multiple gates.

For example, without buying more gates, you can just set up multiple brackets in more places. And so, you can take the gate off and put it there.

Portable design:

Even you can take them to your parent’s house, your parent’s and law’s house. Just buy a few of those extra plastic pieces and bring the gate with you. And instantly have a gate at their home. I know when you go to a family’s house, you have to worry about the stairs. So, you don’t have to do that anymore. It’s just pretty cheap to buy the bracket and then bring it with you.

One-hand operation:

Another thing I really like is that moms don’t have to use two hands at all. If the baby is in your arm, you can unlock the gate with another hand, get upstairs safely, and then close it quickly.

Scratch-resistant mesh:

Additionally, this retractable mesh gate is scratch resistant. So, if you have cats or dogs in the house, you can use it for them too.

User opinion:

Parents who have used it before are delighted with this retract a gate safety gate. They said it comes with durable mesh fabric, and the locking mechanism is tricky so the children can’t open the gate. They also love its simple design. So, you can pick one for your baby without any hesitation. 

  • Easy to install
  • Very sturdy
  • Scratch resistance mesh
  • Childproof lock available
  • Very simple design
  • A bit expensive

2. BabyDan Guard Me Auto Foldable Safety Gate

BabyDan guard me ( Retractable gates for stairs )

Automatic folding panel:

BabyDan Guard me safety gate is another world innovation and my runner up. I like this retractable stair gate because it is near to invisible when not in use and folds back automatically.

Perfect for narrow spaces:

Furthermore, it is ideal for tight spaces that do not allow for the door of a traditional safety gate to swing open. It is perfect for modern homes for its near to invisible feature. This auto foldable safety guard covers from 55 to 113.5 cm by the use of the extension kit.

Two-way action lock mechanism: 

It is a wall-mounted guard that is easily opened with one hand by an adult. Even more, it features a two-way action locking mechanism for extra safety. To open this gate, you simply pull out and press down.

Once you’ve opened the locking mechanism, the guard folds back automatically, leaving it near to invisible. On top of this, you can mount the gate both inside and outside the door frame. Even you can also install it at the top or the bottom of the stairs.

Another thing is that it is designed to ensure smooth and speedy managing. But I suggest you follow the instructions for correct installation. This gate is PVC free and suitable from birth to 24 months.


When mounting the gate on the inside of a door frame, it fits openings of 64.5 to 89 cm by adding the extension gate. It fits openings up to 113.5 cm.

When mounting the gate outside the door frame, it fits the opening of 55 to 79.5 cm by adding the extension pieces. It fits openings up to 103.5 cm.

Even more, adding an extension to this gate is easy. With the key provided, you unlock the panels and slide the extra panels you need onto the guard.        

Finally, I can say that BabyDan guard me safety gate is a top-quality, sturdy gate you can rely on.

  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for both tight and wide space
  • Adding the extension is easy
  • Pvc free gate
  • A bit heavy
  • Not portable

3. Lascal kiddyguard Avant Retractable Baby Gate

Lascal kiddyguard safety gate ( kid gates retractable )

Fits in most doorways:

The lascal KiddyGuard Avant Gate is ideal for various gate installation needs, and it rolls away when not needed. It eliminates a trip hazard, makes your home seem less cluttered, and it reduces the opportunity for toddlers to play with the gate when not in use. 

I really like this mesh stair gate because it fits in most doorway openings up to 50-54 inches wide, depending on how it is mounted without extenders. 

Gates for stairs:

Additionally, it is certified for use at the top of the stairs and the bottom of the stairs or between rooms. 

Time-release delay mechanism:

It has a time-release delay mechanism that allows you to operate the gate with one hand. To release, simply push down on the release button and turn the knob clockwise. The further you turn the knob, the more time you will have to secure the gate to the locking strip. 

Once you have secured the gate to the locking strip and the release button has returned to its original position, the gate is secured. To release the locking mechanism and roll the gate away, simply push down and turn the knob again and you can unlock the gate roll it back up. It’s that simple.

Comes with all hardware:

Don’t forget it comes with all the hardware you will need to mount the gate into solid wood. If you’re installing this roll up baby gate on banisters, you will need the banister installation kit. If you have railings on both sides, you will need two banister installation kits.

I would recommend reading and understanding your owner’s manual thoroughly before installing or using the kiddyguard Avant gate. 

  • Gorgeous looking gate
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Sturdy gate
  • Comes with all hardware for mounting into solid wood
  • Installation a little bit tricky
  • Mesh may be loose sometimes

4. Perma Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

Perma Outdoor Retracting ( Roller baby gate )

Perfect for narrow spaces as well as wider spaces:

Perma Outdoor Retracting baby gate is another one with quality that you can have for your children as well as pets. You can extend the gate up to 71 inches wide. So, it is suitable for tight as well as wide space.

Multiple height options available:

The thing I like is that there are three types of height options available. These are 33 inches, 39 inches, and 41 inches tall. Anyone of them, you can choose according to your needs. But I prefer the height of 39 inches because toddlers or pets can’t cross it.

One-handed release:

Furthermore, you can operate this retractable gate with a single hand. To open the gate, you have to turn the knob first at one end. Then let go of the knob. You have released the lock in the coiling mechanism that prevents the gate from unrolling.

Next, pull the gate further out an inch or so to unhook it from the u-shaped clip at the other end. Now the gate will roll-up. Guide it back with your hand as it rolls up. As soon as it starts going backward (rolling up), it is locked from going forward again until you turn the knob.

To close the gate turn the knob and roll it out until you can hook it on the clip at the other end. As it settles back into the clip (rolls up) a half-inch or so, it locks itself from unrolling again until you turn the knob. You can’t pull it out of the clip until you turn the knob to release it from its locking mechanism. So it stays locked closed in the clip. You have to turn the knob when you want to open it.

Quality fabric:

The fabrics are excellent in quality, and it is rustproof. So, you can use the gate for indoor as well as outdoor. And you will love to know that it comes with a one-year replacement warranty. Thus, protecting the little one will be easy.

  • Budget friendly gate
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Rust proof and weather resistant
  • Dual action locking system available
  • Comes with warranty
  • Mounting hardware is not great
  • Less durable than other brands

5. North States 62″ Extra-Wide Baby Gate

North States 62" Extra-Wide

Best for wide openings:

If you need to cover a large area, this North State Extra-Wide Baby Gate is for you. You can extend the gate up to 62 inches. So, covering the place like a kitchen or an extra-wide walkway will now be accessible.

Easy to install:

I like that it is effortless to install the gate and well written in the user manual on how to install it. All mounting hardware and brackets are included with the product.

Easy to use:

In contrast, it is not folded away compared to other retractable gates. But you can unclip it from the mounting pieces and keep it somewhere else. When needed, you can effortlessly set the gate in the wall mount and start using it again. Even more, you can use the gate with a single hand.

Hardware mounted gate:

On top of this, as the hardware is mounted in the wall, no matter how hard the little one pushes it, the gate will not move.

Baby safety:

Additionally, the gate is built in a way that is safe for your little one. The top edges of the gate are round. So, the little fingers of your baby won’t get stuck.

I also like that you can open the gate partially and enter into the room with ease as it has different sizes of gates to use.

  • Wide extension
  • Able to use with one hand
  • Rounded edges gate
  • Removable gates and store somewhere else
  • You can adjust the size
  • Locking mechanism is a bit tricky

6. Dreambaby Retractable Baby Safety Gate

Dreambaby Foldable safety gate

Usable in multiple places:

It is the final screen baby gate from my list that you can have for your little one. You can extend the gate up to 55 inches. I really like this retractable indoor gate because it comes up with two sets of mounting brackets. It means you can set the gate in two places.

What you have to do is, remove the gate and place it somewhere else. So, it will do the job of multiple gates, and no need to buy another one.

Great for indoors and outdoors:

Additionally, you can use this gate for both indoor and outdoor purposes. When your little one starts climbing stairs safely, you can set the gate in the main door so that the tot can’t go outside.

Dual-action locking mechanism:

You will love to know that it comes with a two-step locking mechanism. This roller baby gate’s operation is easy with a single hand but difficult for the baby to understand the mechanism.

Aluminum body & durable mesh fabric:

The manufacturer used lightweight aluminum and quality fabric in this retractable child safety gate. And cleaning the gate is super easy due to its mesh material.

  • Usable as several gates
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Two-step locking mechanism available
  • Comes with two sets of mounting pieces
  • Lightweight
  • Flimsy material
  • You have to buy spacers

How to choose the best retractable safety gate

When buying a baby gate, you should keep in your mind that it should perfectly fit on your door or stairway. Otherwise, it won’t add any value. There are a few things you need to check before buying a baby gate. Let’s explore them below:


It is an essential thing that you must check. Don’t buy any baby gate before measuring the door frame or the place where you want to use the gate. It is just because all the gates don’t come with equal size. 

If you buy one with a smaller size than your door frame, then all will go in vain. For this reason, you have to measure the space and check the dimensions of the gate before purchasing it. 


You should also have a look at the materials. It seems like most retractable baby gates are made with mesh fabrics because it is easily foldable. But plastic, wooden or steel gates are available too. Plastic or wooden gates are sturdier compared to mesh retractable gates. But mesh gates are more user friendly. So, you can choose any of them according to your needs.


Durability is a thing that has to exist in any product. You don’t want to buy the same item for the same purpose after two or three months. That is why you should get a highly durable one. From my point of view, Retract a gate would be the most durable baby gate. It will grow with the child for sure. 


Your little one’s security would be your priority. Don’t forget you are buying a baby gate for your children’s safety concerns. So, you have to make sure a baby gate itself should not be a reason for an accident.

You should check that the gate is safe and sound when used and does not unlock with a slight touch.

Moreover, some gates come with holes or shapes design. So, you should be aware of the shape’s size so that the little one’s finger doesn’t get stuck in it.

The roll-up baby gate you buy should be easily installed so that it doesn’t take a bunch of your time. Before you install it, I would recommend you to read the user manual. It will help you to make the job done with ease.

Furthermore, you have to make sure it comes up with all the necessary hardware. Otherwise, you have to buy those individually. Though most of the retractable safety gates don’t come with spacers, you can buy them additionally as the price is low. Or you can use wood pieces instead.

Easy to use:

When you are carrying a baby with one hand, there is no way to use both hands to operate the gate. You have to keep it in your mind when buying a baby gate. It should be easy to use and controlled with one hand.

The safeguard you should follow when using retractable baby gates

Before using retractable stair gates, it is recommended to follow these things for your children’s safety:

User Manual:

You should read the user manual thoroughly before installing the baby gate. Once you’ve read it, you should follow all the manufacturer instructions and not skip any step. Otherwise, you may be ended up installing the gate a wrong way.

No gap between floor and gate:

When you install the baby gate, it may come to your mind that small pets like cats could make their way if you leave some gap under the gate.

But I suggest you not to do it. It is just because the baby tends to copy things. When he notices, cats are going to the other side under the gate; he will try to do that though he could not make his way due to a narrow gap but ended up getting injured.

So, I recommend you not keep any gap more than 2 inches when installing your baby gate.

Do not climb over the gate:

You should use the baby gate properly. Though it would be easy for you to climb over the gate, I suggest you not do it because the baby loves to copy what you do.

Furthermore, when your little one learns to climb over the top and safely landed on the other side, you should remove the gate because sometimes he could get stuck on the gate or fall and injured himself. 

Along with it, when he will learn to climb up and down the stairs, you should not leave the gate for too long.

Do it yourself:

I need to mention that you should not try to make a safety gate of your own though you get so many ideas on YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. These homemade gates will not ensure the safety that you are looking for. When your little one dangles on it, it could break, and he ended up getting injured. But commercial baby gates have a sturdy structure and excellent locking mechanism, and they follow safety standards↗ to ensure proper protection to your little one. 


1. What is the baby gate used for?

Answer: A baby gate is used as a child safety gate to protect babies from unsafe areas. It works as a protective barrier that blocks the doorways, stairways, or other hazardous rooms. These gates are typically constructed with metal, plastic, or mesh fabric. And you can expand or shrink them to fit your doorways or blocked spaces.

2. Do you really need a baby gate?

Answer: To ensure proper safety for your little one, you should get a baby gate. No matter you spend the whole time with the baby. With a blink of an eye, an accident might happen. A baby gate provides excellent safety to block unsafe places like stairways, doorways, or dangerous rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. So, yes, a baby gate is a must-have item for your toddlers or crawling babies.

3. When should you stop using the baby gate?

Answer: When the baby is two years old, you should stop using the baby gate. It’s because the baby should learn how to climb up and downstairs at this age. When she is a master in it, the baby gate is no longer needed.

Another parameter is that it is wise to remove when the little one climbs over the gate. It’s because the baby might get stuck on the gate or fall over that can cause injuries.

Final Thought

Thanks for reading the whole review about the best retractable baby gate. The above baby gates I have chosen based on quality, durability, sturdiness, and user’s opinion so that you can get the best out of it while choosing the best retractable gate for your little one.

You need to look for a few essential things before making a good purchase of a baby’s retractable gate, which I have described in the “How to choose a baby gate” part already. Please make sure you keep in mind those points when buying a baby gate so that you can get the most suitable one for your baby.

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