5 Best Wooden Baby Walkers in 2020 | (Baby Expert Reviews)

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By Amy A. Vincent | Last Updated on

Do you want an artistic robust baby walker for your child? Yes! A wooden baby walker would be the perfect option for you because its classical design and natural woody materials will blow your mind. The baby wooden walkers are sturdier compared to plastic made walkers. Even more, the wheels don’t skid, which means your little one won’t fall. So, I can say it is safe in comparison to a plastic one. But in today’s world, it is tough to get the best wooden baby walker as there are several models available on the market.

All are not that significant though. That’s why from a lot of research, I have come up with top 5 wooden walkers for babies so that it makes your life easier to find the best one for your child!

If you are too busy to read the whole article, I would recommend you to get the Radio Flyer Classic Wagon Walker because the features and quality are definitely worth your money.

Top 5 best wooden baby walker in 2020

1. Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy ( Best baby walker )

Best wooden walker

This walker is one of the best wooden walkers for toddlers and my top pick for the list. The walker is so sturdy and comes with fun engaging activities. First of all, three chomping alligators on the play panel will make your baby so excited. Seeing colorful fish on the wheels, she will also be amused imagining swimming in the sea. Even more, the baby will have nonstop giggles with its spinning butterfly and ladybug beads. 

I appreciate that the manufacturer used high-quality materials in this wood baby walker. On top of this, it has a rubber lining on the wheels that will ensure an excellent grip. So, your baby will have a proper balance while trying to walk. But don’t forget it makes a gentle clacking noise when the baby pushes and learns to walk.

You will love to know that it is the doctor’s orders baby walker. The reason is that it will keep the baby away from screen devices and develop their natural growth as well as excellent motor skills. Probably, it can be a great birthday gift if your grandchild is twelve months and above!

  • The walker is sturdy
  • Made with quality materials
  • Great balance
  • Works well on floor and carpet
  • No need batteries
  • No fun music
  • Too small for long babies

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2. Kiddery toys Wooden Push and Pull ( Best walker for baby learning to walk )

Best walker for baby learning to walk - amybabyreview

When looking for multi activities baby walker, kiddery toys wooden push and pull learning walker would be the perfect one. Its features and functions will make your baby play for endless hours.

Something I really like about this toy is that it is made with high-quality wooden craftsmanship, and the paint is non-toxic guaranteed. So, your little one is safe to play with it. Even more, the rubber edges on the wheels will protect your hardwood floors from scratches and dents. 

I appreciate the play panel of this baby wooden walker because it comes with countless fun activities for the toddlers to enjoy. Don’t forget the beads and colorful shape sorters will develop excellent motor skills. Furthermore, the size of the sorters is big enough and safe. So, don’t worry if your children have the habit of putting everything in their mouths.

On the other hand, the tot will love to play with the bear puzzle, numeric blocks, and the bead. Additionally, the musical note xylophone and pound drum with baby-friendly sticks, the little one will have chill time. 

On top of this, there is enough storage at the back of the activity panel to put some other little toys in it. Even more, the walker is sturdy and well designed, and the price comes to your budget. So, it can be an excellent gift for the first birthday party or the mother’s baby shower!

  • Multi activity toy
  • Made with quality and non-toxic wooden materials
  • Wheels are sturdy with rubber lining
  • Enough storage behind the play panel
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not so heavy to pull to stand

 3. Radio Flyer Classic Walker ( Best wagon for toddlers )

Best push walker - amybabyreview

Radio flyer classic walker wagon is a quality award-winning wooden push toy with an attractive classic red flyer appearance. Another thing is that this toy is a parent’s most favorite one because it reminds of their childhood. 

The walker is so sturdy and made with solid wood. On top of this, it is popular among parents and babies because of the sleek and classic design.

Something I really like about this toy is that it comes with a resist push feature that keeps the walker stable and allows the baby to stand with confidence. So, it doesn’t slip out from under the child. 

The sides are removable but not super strong. You will love to know that it comes with furniture friendly bumper to protect your home from dents or scratches. 

I appreciate the click sound it makes. So, you can hear your little ones coming! You can even put children in the wagon and push them around too. Once babies are walking or pre-walking, this walker really shines. They will have fun finding things to put inside the wagon and walk around the house. Even more, you can use it as décor, looks beautiful under a Christmas tree, and also use it as a storage bin in the nursery.

  • The toy is stable
  • Solid wood made
  • Bumper available to protect furniture
  • Comes with strong wheels
  • Removable sides
  • No activity play panel
  • Simple design

4. Labebe kids walker ( Wooden cart )

Wooden cart - amybabyreview

Labebe kids shopping cart is another wooden walker for babies that you should have a look. It comes with big storage that you can put a kid’s all toys in. So, wherever they walk around, the toys will be all together. 

I appreciate the rubber ring on the wheels that will protect the hardwood floors. You can control the walking speed for the beginners just by tightening the screw a little bit. Children will get right balance because of its broad base. But please keep an eye on your children when they are playing with this stuff.

Something I really like about this toy is that it is easy to maneuver, even on carpet. But it may slip out under the children. To adjust the weight for babies according to their development, you can put something substantial like books into it. 

On top of this, assembly is straightforward. You just need a screwdriver, and it is well written in the instruction manual. Once you mount the wood and turn them into a cute walker, your baby will love to play with it for countless hours for sure.

All in all, I can’t but mention that it is made with child-safe materials. Even all angles rounded to give a silky-smooth face to avoid any possible clothes or skin scratch. So, in my opinion, it can be an excellent toy for a birthday or Christmas gift. 

  • Comes with large storage
  • Speed control wheels
  • Easy to maneuver on floors and carpet
  • Sleek smooth design
  • Beginners may tip over it if you don’t tighten the wheels

5. The classic Brio Toddler Wobbler walker ( Wooden push cart )

Wooden push cart - amybabyreview

When looking for a wood walker for baby within your budget, the classic Brio would be the ideal one. You would love to know that it comes with an adjustable bar. To use for pulling up, you need to set the bar in the more upright position. Or else, the cart might tip back over your little ones when they attempt to pull up. Soon, you can move the handle back to the push cart position, and they will be using this toy for learning to walk! 

Additionally, they can put their favorite toys in it and walk around the house. Something I really love about this walker is that it comes with adjustable wheels. Just one simple twist of a screw is all it takes! Finally, it will help them get balance and give you peace of mind.

Even more, the wood of this toy is excellent in quality and non-toxic. So, it is also a crucial reason why I chose this particular model for the review because so many toys these days use toxic paints and chemicals.

Therefore, this is the wooden walker that you can pick for your child, and the little one will love it too! If you are comparing this to similar products, but not sure this product will worth your money or not, be assured that this will last a long time.

  • The wheels are adjustable
  • Non-toxic materials used
  • The walker is so sturdy
  • Comes with adjustable handle
  • The storage is not enough
  • Design is not that much impressive

Things to consider before buying a wooden baby walker

adorable baby trying to stand-amybabyreview

A baby walker is an essential toy that helps your baby learns to walk without any fear of falling. When you like to buy a toddler walker, I would recommend you to have a wooden one because it is sturdier than plastic models. But there are a few things that you need to consider when buying the best wooden walker. Let’s explore them:


There are different sizes of wooden baby walkers that come in for different ages of children. You should check the dimension first so that it is just perfect for your babies. It should not be too long to move or too short to walk for your kids. Usually, a wooden push cart walker comes for 9 months to 3 years old children. But before buying, check the age groups and dimensions of the product wheatear it is suitable for your baby or not. The appropriate size of a wooden walker for 9-10 months of children is 20x20x10 inches.

Height and width

Don’t forget to check the height and width of the wooden push walker. Make sure it does not exceed 20 inches whatsoever. The handle should be in a position that children can grab on to it and learn to walk. So, don’t buy an oversized one considering for the long term play in the coming years. It may miss out on the initial objective of helping as a walking aid. 

Moreover, my suggestion is to go for a wider baby walker because the wide legs of the toy will give you more stability. The little ones will gain confidence when they will have proper balance at the time of standing and walking. 


After checking the size and dimension, now you have to make sure whether the toy is stable enough for your child or not. Usually, a baby walker wooden is more durable than a plastic product because of the wood materials and the broad base. The walker should not tip over under your child, which is why you should go for a stable one.


Safety is the most crucial issue that we can’t overlook when we buy a toy for our babies. You should get the walker that ensures proper protection for your little ones. It should have:

  • good grip
  • not to slip out under babies
  • good balance
  • smooth sides and corners
  • materials should be non-toxic
  • the blocks should be bigger enough so that babies can’t put them in their mouth


The baby walker comes with two types of wheels; castor wheels or rubber lining wheels. The wheels with rubber lining will protect the hardwood floors from dumps or scratches. It doesn’t skid and has a good grip when babies push to walk. So, I suggest you choose a wooden walker baby that comes with rubber edges on the wheels that will ensure excellent grip and safety to your children.

Speed control

Many walkers come with a braking system these days. It helps to slow down the pace when your baby is a beginner so that she can learn to stand and then walk with confidence.

It shines when they learn to master the arts of walking and become toddlers. You can remove the brakes for fast movement, and they will travel all around the house.


Something I really like about having extra features and functions in one single product. It gives you more out of your purchase. A baby walker may come with different activities play panel like musical xylophone or pound drum, numbers or alphabet blocks, beads or shape sorters, and so on. These will keep your baby busy all day long.

Along with the game board, children can play with the walker as a shopping cart putting their all favorite toys in it and walk around the house. These activities help to develop your baby’s imagination and creativity. 

Additionally, when your little ones are resting, you can store their other toys in the walker. So, my suggestion is to get a wooden activity walker that has other playing features in it.


Of course, you need to buy a product that has great durability. And undoubtedly, a wooden baby push walker is more long-lasting and sturdy compared to a plastic made baby walker. On top of this, with a high-quality walker, your child can play for years. So, read all the reviews and choose the best suited durable one.

Wooden Baby Walker vs. Plastic Baby Walker

Most wooden baby walker comes with rubber edges wheels that give good grip over any surface. On the other hand, the plastic baby walker comes with plastic wheels that skid a lot, which is hard to maintain for the little ones. 

It’s easy to clean plastic push toy walkers because the plastic materials are used, whereas it is clumsy to clean the wooden one.

As it is made of wood, definitely the wooden toy is sturdier and more durable, whereas the plastic toy is lightweight and looks economical.

In wooden toy walkers, non-toxic chemicals and paints are used, which is safe for babies. On the other hand, the chemicals used in plastic baby walker might be toxic.

Wood walker makes sharp corners effortlessly. It comes with stunning designs, looks so gorgeous. Therefore, it is comfortable and stable for your baby.

On the contrary, plastic one tips over under your baby, which can cause severe injuries to your little ones. 

Types of Wooden baby walkers

Though the first objective of a wooden baby walker is to perform as a walking aid, it can be used for multi-purposes like an activity center, sit to stand walker, walker cart, and so on. Let’s explore the types of wooden toddler walkers that are available on the market.   

Wooden Push Walker

It is a simple push walker for your baby. It doesn’t offer a lot of features but very well for the little one to learn to walk. Wooden push walker comes with different shapes, concepts, and colors. The handle comes with a good rubber grip so that the baby can hold it tight while learning to walk.

Wooden Baby Walker Activity Center

You will get an activity center in some wooden baby walkers that will help your baby to learn some alphabets, numbers, shapes, and so on. It may have a music board, drums, and other exciting features on it that will keep your baby busy the whole day. You can remove the activity panel so that the little one can concentrate on learning to walk. 

Wooden Sit to Stand Walker

When your children are tired of walking, they can sit down. As the play panel is removable, they can play with it sitting on the floor. The xylophone, piano keys, shape sorter, abacus, and other great features are well enough to keep your baby entertained. 

Baby Wooden Walker Cart

Some wooden walkers come with a cart that is attached to the central walking unit. It helps you to store baby’s all little toys together. They can travel around the house with their favorite toys. Additionally, they can sit on the cart, and siblings can push the toy around.

Final verdict 

Thanks for reading the whole review about the best wooden baby walker. The above wood walker toy I have chosen based on quality, durability, sturdiness, multi-activity, and user’s opinion so that you can get the best out of it while selecting a wooden push along walker for your little one.

There are few essential things you need to look for before making a good purchase of a wooden walker for your adorable baby, which I have described in “things to consider before buying a wooden baby walker” part already. Please make sure you keep in mind those points at the time of buying a baby walker so that you can get the most suitable one for your baby.

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