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Jenny lord

Jenny Lord is a Mum of three who is a former Midwife and nurse of Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. After having children, she realised that her nursing job was not the best for herself or her family. Blogging has allowed her to work from home with flexible hours but still use some of her skills and knowledge in health care. Now, she is working as a senior editor and fact-checker in Amy Baby Review and also runs her own blogs.

She has been a Midwife for over 9 years, and one of the best things about her career is that she enjoys meeting people, which has also helped her be an excellent Nurse. Jenny’s work in both fields often involves helping with the most important moments of life – from pregnancy and childbirth through to bereavement. During this time, she has seen people at their best and worst, which has helped her be a good mum.

Jenny's family
Jenny Lord’s Family

As she has become more experienced in her profession, she has been able to take on different roles within the NHS, including teaching younger Midwives and Nurses as well as working with patients who are pregnant or going through difficult times. During this time, it became clear that life is unpredictable, so flexibility was essential for parents like her – she wanted to find work/life balance! Blogging allows her freedom of hours but still use some skills from health care.

She is now released from the pressure of working shift work and being on call but still get to use what she knows.

As a Mum-of-three herself, she is passionate about supporting parents as well as sharing her experiences of juggling family life with work – whether that’s in the NHS or from home blogging!

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