Maria Regan, RN, BSN, PHRN

Maria Regan
Maria Regan

Maria Regan, RN, BSN, PHRN is a certified nurse and mother of two children. She has worked in the healthcare industry for over 6 years. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, she did six months of coursework towards achieving Prehospital Level II Certification before becoming an EMT last year!

Maria was always interested in helping others; it started during college when volunteering at church soup kitchens after hours while studying nutrition science – but this wasn’t just about being altruistic: seeing firsthand how difficult life can get made Maria realize there’s nothing more satisfying than lending your skillset when someone needs them most- so now as an experienced Registered Nurse with extensive experience caring intensively for the critically and terminally ill- Maria is now an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and working towards becoming a Paramedic!

Maria’s extensive knowledge in Nutrition combined with her life experiences has made her truly passionate about helping people, so when she got interested in alternative medicine – it wasn’t long before she started blogging about it. Now she works as a part-time editor in Amy Baby Review and explains the benefits of holistic medicine from a scientific perspective with extensive references in her own blog.

Maria believes in having a healthy mind and body to help one lead a productive life, so when she’s not writing- you can find her playing netball, running, or weight training! Maria is passionate about feminism – believing women should be able to do anything they want without judgment.

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