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All over the world, baby walkers are so popular. It is used as a walking aid for babies to learn how to walk. But there is no appropriate age for using a baby walker. The reason is every baby’s size, strength, and growth vary from child to child. Experts recommend that the baby hold his head up and feet should touch the floor before putting on a walker.

However, manufacturers design baby walkers between 5 months to 16 months old babies. When your child is mature enough to hold his head up, you can bring one according to his age.

It would be best if you didn’t buy an oversized one thinking for longtime use. It might hamper the primary goal of walking as the baby’s feet will not touch the ground.

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What to look for in a baby walker?

Some people say a baby walker is essential for the little ones to get on their feet. On the other hand, some believe baby walkers are risky if you let them play without your observation. Whatever you believe in, there is no doubt that a baby walker tightens your little ones’ leg muscles and helps them learn to make their first steps. Most of them also come with some activity toys, music and lights. So, it not only develops a baby’s motor skills but also makes the little one entertained.

So, whenever you get a walker for your baby, make sure you pick the best one. However, I’ve described some key points below to help parents find the best baby walker for their little one.

Read product reviews first:

The review guide always picks the best products on the market and explain the features you will get from the products. On top, they also describe the pros & cons of the products. So, it would be best if you read the product reviews first before making a purchase. It will help find the best one per your need and make your purchase experience better and worth your money.

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The base of the walker should be broad:

There are three safety advantages of broad base walker:

  1. The walker will not tip over due to the wide base, so the little one will be safe from falling.
  2. If the base is broader than the tray, the tiny fingers won’t get pinched when bumping to the wall.
  3. If the base is wider than the doorways, the baby can’t go to unsafe rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

The weight capacity and maneuverability of the walker:

You should check the maximum weight capacity of the walker. If the baby is too heavy for the walker, it might break, and the little one might hurt himself. Besides, you should also check the walker rolls nicely on the hard floor and carpet floor. The reason is friction on wheels might cause an accident for the baby.

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Other safety features: 

You should look for some more safety features in a walker for extra security that will prevent injury to your baby. Firstly, check whether it comes with a wheel lock mechanism or not. It’s absolutely necessary. The reason is it allows you to keep the walker in a fixed place. So, when you are cooking dinner or doing your other household activities, you can keep the baby in front of your eyes. 

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On the other hand, the wheels should be tightened or loosen to control the walker’s pace. When the little one is a beginner, you can ease the wheels to grab the critical skill of walking and make his first footsteps. In contrast, when the baby is master of walking, you can tighten the wheels so that the little one can’t fly with it.

Furthermore, the walker should come with a seat belt or straps. It will protect the baby from falling over if he gets hit to the wall due to over speed. 

Stationary activity centers:

Some walkers come with a stationary activity table. I really love it. Because it gives me more out of my purchase. On top, the children can learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors at the time of playing. It will also develop gross motor skills. So, consider this feature in the walker you choose for your baby. 

Non-toxic materials:

When you pick a walker for the baby, you need to make sure it is made with non-toxic materials. The reason is all baby tends to put fingers into their mouth. If the materials (plastic, paint, etc.) of the walker are toxic, it might be harmful to the baby. 

Check the product is faulty or not:

The baby product should be 100% okay. Any defective parts, rough surfaces, loose components, and sharp edges can do possible damage to the baby without your concern. So, check the product carefully and make sure it is entirely risk-free and ready to use.

Evaluate prices: 

You should buy the best walker according to your budget. Though baby walkers are not that expensive, If you have a tight budget for a walker, you need to make sure the product is sturdy enough to hold the baby weight and maintain safety standards properly.

Are baby walkers safe?

The purpose of a baby walker is to take away the initial dread of standing and do some walking practice on those tiny legs. But giving a walker to a baby is like giving a Ferrari to a teenager. With a walker’s help, the little one might reach for dangerous objects like kitchen knives or enter an unsafe room like a bathroom. On the other hand, he can fall over things or fall down the stairs. Your observation is mandatory when the little one plays with this kind of toy to avoid injury.

Final thoughts:

Thanks for reading the guide. In the end, I can say if you follow these guidelines, you will be able to find the best baby walker for your little one. But keep in mind, children should use a walker or similar types of toys under an adult’s supervision to avoid accidents. And one more thing to remember is when the baby can walk properly without any support, he should stop using a walker.


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