10 Reasons why Nurseries Use Gliders: Why Moms use nursery gliders

Last Updated on May 11, 2023

Every nursery needs a glider. It is an essential piece of furniture for parents to use during the first few years of their baby’s life. The reason is it creates a safe, calming environment for newborn babies. Most moms prefer to rock their newborn baby with a nursery glider instead of just laying them down on a flat surface such as the crib or couch.

The first and foremost reason is that the rocking motion helps soothe the crying babies. On top of this, it also helps calm an upset stomach which can often happen when they are hungry or need to be burped.

Second, some moms may find it difficult to hold their newborn babies while feeding them at night time. So it’s nice to have something nearby that provides support like a nursing chair or glider will do- something they can easily lean back into and comfortably feed the baby.

Gliders are not just used by moms who have given birth but also by those expecting a new bundle of joy in the future. So what makes them so important? Well, there are many reasons why nurseries use gliders! In this post, we will discuss 10 reasons why nurseries and moms might choose to invest in one or more chairs.

Benefits of nursery rockers

1. It will give a Porsche look in your baby’s room:

A nursery glider will give a Porsche look in your baby’s room

The first reason is nursery gliders are an inexpensive way to give your home a touch of style. Gliders and rockers are available in many different colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics! So, you can choose the one that suits more in your nursery.

2. Create good bonding between mom and baby:

Create good bonding between mom and baby
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The second reason is that gliding chairs help with bonding time between mom and her baby. Enjoying this special time together on the chair allows for close contact, which assists infants in recognizing their mothers’ voices. It helps develop healthy emotional attachments as well as increase the brain function of their babies.

3. Reduce soreness or pain in breastfeeding:

Thirdly, it’s important to have a comfortable place for nursing during those first few months when both parents may need some relief from caring for their new bundle of joy all day long! Nursing while sitting upright has been shown to reduce soreness or pain associated with breastfeeding by supporting the baby.

4. Soothe the baby:

Fourth, the constant movement of a glider rocker helps to soothe the baby and relax them. This is important because newborns are often very sensitive to sound, light, touch, and smells. The constant motion of the chair also prevents their sleep patterns from becoming erratic, which can be harmful to their development.

5. Helps prevent baby colic:

The fifth reason is that they help with colic or other stomach-related issues! Gliding chairs may lower the risk of infantile colic in babies by reducing gas buildup in their bellies while propping up an older child’s head. It allows them more space within the abdominal area during periods of increased pressure on the belly.

6. You can read bedtime stories to the toddlers:

Reading bedtime stories in a glider
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Sixth point – you can read bedtime stories to your children when they grow up.

A chair with a footrest allows you to prop up your feet while holding and reading bedtime stories to your little one, which can help make them feel more relaxed. It’s also great for moms who are recovering from childbirth!

It is important that you choose the type of glider or rocker depending on what you need it for –

Some come with low height positions. So, if you are not that much taller, you can pick a glider for short mom. Some have a wide seat so that the mommy can nurse the twins simultaneously. So, if you have a twin baby, you should get a glider for twins.

7. Help strengthen you and your spouse relationship:

Seventh reason: One of the best things about having a glider chair is that you and your husband can spend some quality time together relaxing in the glider when your baby is sleeping. It will help strengthen your relationship, and you’ll feel secure.

8. You can use it as a living room chair:

The eighth reason is you can use it as a living room chair when the baby grows up. It means a glider chair will serve you forever.

9. It contributes a lot in late-night feeding sessions:

Ninth reason: After working the entire day, you are tired at night and want some sleep. But when the baby starts crying out loud due to hunger at midnight, you can sit in relax in the glider, and comfortably feed the baby. After feeding, a slight gliding motion will help the baby send back to sleep, and then, you can go to your bed.

10. You can re-sale it at a good price:

Tenth reason: When your baby grows up, if you think the glider is no longer needed in your baby’s room, you can re-sale it at an attractive price. And then you can buy some toys or other necessary goods for your child.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you need a glider in your nursery, we have a guide that explains do you really need a glider in the nursery. This article will assist you in determining whether or not a glider is required for your needs.

The wrap up:

Thanks for reading the complete guide about why nurseries use gliders. We hope you have found this article helpful and informative. To sum up, we just want to say, Yes, a nursery glider does come with a high price tag. Still, for many parents, this one small investment has been worth every penny so far because not only do they get all these benefits from using nursery furniture like gliders or rockers but there usually comes an added bonus down the line when we don’t know what new invention might be coming out next.

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