Amy A. Vincent, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Amy A. Vincent, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Amy A. Vincent

Amy A. Vincent, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and mother of three, leads families to view bedtime as the start of each night instead of its conclusion – creating calm, loving children that are confident in their sleep routine. She also educates parents on how to guide their kids on life skills such as self-control, responsibility and problem-solving.

She is dedicated to aiding children and families to acquire the rest they deserve for everyone’s well-being, joyfulness, and resilience. Additionally, she offers educational programs and talks on child growth, parenting advice, and self-care methods for guardians.

She also helps parents transition their baby through the newborn days, sleep train toddlers and preschoolers, manage bedtime battles, get rid of the pacifier or use it as a tool responsibly, transition through nap transitions, and manage night awakenings. Furthermore, Amy is skilled in assisting parents in creating personalized sleep coaching plans which provide guidance regardless of nap or bedtime struggles.

Moreover, she is always available to discuss questions and concerns that parents may have throughout their journey as well as offer her own personal experiences. Her support has been proven to be invaluable for countless families. With her unique approaches and strategies, she will ensure your family gets the rest they need.

Amy’s ultimate goal is to promote healthy child development by providing tools, resources, and support needed for positive sleep change. She deeply cares about helping families reach their individual goals, no matter how challenging it might seem at first!

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