10 tips on how to soothe a newborn baby

Last Updated on June 13, 2023

It’s not uncommon for a new baby to cry. It is, however, important that you know how to soothe your newborn. There are many different methods out there, and it can be difficult to figure out which one will work best for your child. In the following article, we’ll explore ten tips on how you can calm your baby down and make them comfortable in their own skin.

tips on how to soothe a newborn baby
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Make sure they’re fed and changed:

First, make sure they’re fed and changed. It can be difficult to find a good time for a feeding or diaper change so it’s often best just to do these tasks right away when you notice the baby needs them. If this isn’t possible, try rocking your child in their baby swing until they’ve calmed down. This will help calm them down as well as keep that last meal from coming up too soon!

Our Amy Baby Review experts have reviewed some great colic swings. If you believe your infant is crying for colic, you may read it to get more information.

We also have a guide on baby swings with ac adapter. The swings we investigated in that post are plug-in baby swings, so you can play them whenever you want, and there’s no worry of running out of batteries.

Swaddle the baby:

Some people swear by swaddling any newborns who are having trouble calming themselves down. Swaddling is exactly what it sounds like: wrapping the infant tightly in cloth such that only their head sticks out one end of the fabric while their legs stick out of the other side (like an old-fashioned baby blanket).

The swaddled baby will feel more secure and have something to hold onto, which can help them focus on the task at hand. You may need to swaddle your child for a while before they stop fussing, but it’s worth a try!

The little head should be upright when fed:

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If you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding (or making any type of liquid), make sure that your head is elevated slightly so that they don’t choke when drinking. This prevents air from being sucked into their windpipe and causing discomfort. Even if you’ve already been doing this without realizing it, double-check yourself to be safe!

“It is important for parents of newborn babies to remember that these little ones can’t take care of themselves yet,” says Dr. Lowry-Frenette. “For instance, a parent needs to hold the baby upright, so he does not choke on his own spit-up.” 

Give them some toys to play with:

Give Them Some Toys To Play With
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Fidget toys are also helpful in soothing an infant as well; even though babies cannot play with these themselves yet, they can feel the vibrations as you shake and move your hand.

White noise works great:

White noise is also a good option, such as a fan, humidifier, or baby sound machine. These are particularly helpful for children who have trouble sleeping due to loud noises in their environment, like traffic outside.

Always try something new:

If all else fails and they just need to be rocked, cuddled, sung to – whatever it takes! The key here is consistency; while each situation will require individualized attention from parents, if one thing works at first but stops working after several rounds of trying it over again then find something new that might work better next time around.” 

You can read them a book, sing to them and cuddle with them. “Let your baby know that you are around by cooing or talking to them, and try not to get in their face. This will give them the reassurance they need.”

Sometimes talking to your baby helps calm them:

Talk to your baby; you may make funny faces or silly sounds without even realizing it (in other words – don’t be embarrassed). This will show your child that they are the center of attention in their household for now, which is an important thing for babies who have just entered this world.” 

You shouldn’t get frustrated: 

“Parents should also avoid getting frustrated if the infant does not respond well immediately as these things take time. Always keep at it! The key here is consistency,” says Dr. Lauren Lowry-Frenette, MDM Canada’s National Chairperson on Pediatricians Councils & Societies Committee Member.”

Let them take some daytime naps:

“It is also important to remember that newborns cannot sleep through the night, so they need plenty of daytime naps.”

Breastfeeding is always a priority:

“If your baby seems hungry or fussy, make sure you are breastfeeding. The formula isn’t a good substitute because it does not contain all the enzymes and nutrients found in breast milk, which will help them grow,” says Dr. Lowry-Frenette. 

The Wrap up on soothing a newborn baby

The post was written with the intention of helping parents and caregivers soothe their newborn babies. We hope that you have found this list to be helpful, but if not, please let us know what else you would like to see in a blog post on soothing your baby! If you liked this article, we’d appreciate it if you shared it with all of your friends who are new parents or expecting soon. Thank You for reading!

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