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Are Push Toys Good For Babies? | An ultimate guide for new parents

By Amy A. Vincent | Fact checked by Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP | Updated on July 23, 2022

Baby push walker is a great toy that not only helps to learn the vital skill of walking but develops children’s gross motor skills. It is parents’ all-time favorite, and children are crazy about it too. You may be wondering how good push toys can be to help your babies learn to walk.

Walking is the first objective

For a little tot, walking is a challenging movement that needs strength and balance. Furthermore, he has to work hard to learn this gross motor skill. As the center of gravity is higher than adult’s, it isn’t straightforward for the little ones to walk. That is why they fall easily. But a push walker plays a vital role in making them a master of self-sufficient walking.

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When a baby learns to walk, he travels all around the house, even in the yards with his favorite walking aid. As his leg muscle improves, he gets proper balance while cruising. He uses the walker as a shopping cart like his mom and dad use at the grocery store. It gives him a lot of confidence to learn to walk.


It shines when the baby gets proper balance at the time of walking. His sibling or pet sits on the push toy, and he travels around the house. For the first time, he might find it challenging to do so. But as the day goes, his legs become more muscular, and he can comfortably cruise along.

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How push toys assist children learn to walk?

When you provide a push toy to your kids, they become crazy. They want to play with it all day long. Holding the bar, they try to stand. Once succeed, kids push it forward and learn to walk.

Eventually, this process builds their leg muscles and makes them walk without any support. So, from this point of view, it helps kids to learn to walk.

But don’t forget that some doctors recommend not providing a push toy to children because the dangers of having a walker can overshadow the benefits.

Using the push toy, babies can fall and even get their fingers trapped. Additionally, research shows that babies who used walkers delayed in sitting, crawling, and walking. Also, it can negatively impact their mental and motor development. [ source: Hoecker ]

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