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Last Updated on May 4, 2023

When a newborn comes to our house, we love to buy lots of baby gear for him/her. A baby swing is one of them from many. But is baby swing safe for newborns? This question arises because we have heard lots of positive words and negative words about the baby swing.

So, that is why, as a parent, we have to know the answer. After all, children’s safety is our first priority. We shouldn’t do anything that may put our baby in danger. At the same time, we want to ensure proper comfort for our little ones. And here, a baby swing has been playing an essential role for years.

So, let’s find out are baby swings safe for newborns or not?

Is baby swing safe for a newborn?

A baby swing is considered safe for newborns if you use it as a soothing device, not a replacement of a baby crib. It means it is safe when you use the swing, not for long hours. You will put the baby in the swing at the time of fussing or waking. When he falls asleep, you will move him in the bed or crib.  

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that parents shouldn’t keep infants in the swing during sleep. Parents should also limit the duration of using a swing in waking time. The reason is that if the babies spend the most time in the infant swing, car seat, bouncy seat, or carrier, their soft head may become flat for being in the same position for too long.

On the other hand, sitting upright for hours may make it difficult for the baby to breathe well. And that can increase the number of SIDS.

That is why you should not let the baby sleep in the swing at night or for a prolonged time. But to let the baby soothe for short periods under supervision is considered safe.

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The ideal period of keeping the baby in the swing is not more than 30 minutes at a time. When the baby gets calm and falls asleep, it is advised to move him in the crib.

Safety Guidelines To Keep Baby Safe When In Infant Swings

Is baby swing safe for newborn?

There are some safety guidelines provided to keep the infants safe in the swing by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It will keep your baby safe in the swing if you follow these tips.

Reclined Swing Position: 

To avoid slumping over and suffocating, the parents should put the baby in the swing in the most reclined position. (Especially for the infants under four months of age)

Choosing Right Swing: 

You should get a swing for an infant that does not tip over or fold up easily.

Proper use of straps: 

You should use the straps properly to keep the infant from falling. If a swing has an upright sitting position, it should have shoulder straps to prevent slipping. So, when you buy swing like this, make sure the shoulder straps are available in it.

Check the weight limit: 

If the infant is overweight for the swing, the soothing machine might be broken, and the little one may get hurt. So, you should always check the instructions or swing label. You can take note of the maximum weight limit of the swing.

Flat surface: 

The swing surface should be flat while in motion. So, when the swing is stopped, the baby will not tip over or fall out.

Move the baby in a firm sleep surface: 

If the little one falls asleep in a swing, car seat or bouncy seat, it is recommended to move him to the bed or crib as soon as possible. 

These guidelines will help keep the infant safe when he is in the swing. But don’t forget your observation is mandatory for the safety of your little one.

What Things Parents Do That Put Their Baby At Risk?

Sometimes parents do something so stupid that can put their baby at risk. If you are a new parent, it is crucial to know the following things and should not do to keep your baby safe.

What things parents do that put their baby at risk

Moving baby to a bigger car seat too early: 

Often, we think that our baby is now mature enough to sit in the bigger car seat. But a little mistake like this can be dangerous for the little one. So, we shouldn’t move the baby to a bigger car seat too early. We should wait and stay in the right size until the little one can move up fluently. 

Consider it is okay to sleep in the swing: 

When the baby falls asleep in the swing, we don’t want to wake them up to move and let them sleep in the swing. But we should be aware that sleeping upright in the swing, bouncy seat, or car seat may make it difficult for the baby to breathe well, which is the reason for increased SIDS. That is why, no matter what, whenever the baby falls asleep in the swing or, any other seat up devices, we will move them to the crib or sleepable flat surface. 

Allow screen device: 

Most of us unaware that we have to keep our child (under age 2) away from screen devices as much as possible. In the recent survey, it is seen that 90% of parents said their babies under age 2 are fond of screen devices. 

The more time your baby watches TV, YouTube, or playing mobile games, the less time they are talking or interacting with you. 

My neighbor’s son was watching YouTube the whole day at the age of 2-3 years old. Now, he is five years old but can’t speak properly. 

So, we shouldn’t provide our babies with any kinds of electronic media under age 2. We better give them some toys to play and speak to them as much as possible.

Not to keep babies on their tummies: 

The babies need to give them some tummy time when they are awake. It will develop their upper body strength and helps prevent skull deformities. 

During the daytime, when babies are awake, we can put them on their stomach for three to five minutes at a time for two to three times a day to develop their body strength. That is what the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)↗ recommends. 

Final Verdict:

So, by now, you’ve already figured out that a baby swing is entirely safe for newborns if you think it is just a soothing device, not the replacement of a crib. When the little one falls asleep in the swing, you should move him in the flat surface like a bed or crib. I also suggest you follow the safety guidelines that I have provided above to ensure your newborn baby’s extra safety.

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