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when can you put a baby in a jumper? | Amy Baby Review

By Amy A. Vincent | Fact checked by Dr. Leah Alexander, MD, FAAP | Updated on July 23, 2022

There are many opinions on when you should put your baby in a jumper. Some feel that it’s never, while others believe that it can be done safely starting at 6 months of age. The truth is there is no one right answer to the question of when to put your baby in a jumper because every child develops differently and has different needs. However, this blog post will help you figure out when it is the right time to put your baby in a jumper and when to stop using it.

Here, we’ll learn:

  • When can you put a baby in a jumper?
  • Benefits of baby jumpers
  • What are the risks of using baby jumpers?
  • When can you stop using the baby jumper?
  • What are the precautions to take when using a baby jumper?
When can you put a baby in a jumper?
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When can you put a baby in jumper?

Considering you are a parent, you probably know by heart how your baby feels and what they want. Start with your feelings and observation. Not all babies develop at the same speed.

Some can walk by the age of one, and some from eight months old. If your baby developed stability, neck and trunk control, and is around five to six months old, you are good to go.

Play it by ear; six months isn’t a must; it all depends on your baby’s needs. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) determined for us the maximum weight a baby should have, and it is 25 pounds, so keep that in mind too.

Let’s repeat what is important:

– Neck control

– Trunk control

– Stability

– Around five to six months old

– Maximum of 25 pounds

Pediatric Physio Nicole from Perth Paediatric Therapy Services had some guidance for us on what should you pay attention to when you start using baby jumper: ‘’ If you are going to use walkers, baby jumpers, swings or any equipment that your baby can not easily get into or out of, use in moderation and always under supervision.’’

You can get some ideas on a jumper with stand for babies by going to the link. Our Amy Baby Review experts have also written a guide on baby jumper or walker, which is best for your baby. You may also read it for further information.

Benefits of baby jumpers:

Benefits of baby jumpers
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Jumpers are a great way to keep your baby entertained. Not only do they help them learn how to crawl, but they can also increase their physical activity and give you time to get other things done around the house.

They’re an excellent tool for parents who have just returned to work or need 10 or 15 minutes of alone time at home while the baby is awake.

There are tons of brands and models for jumpers, including stationary jumpers that hang on the door frame to the activity center with toys hanging from them.

You can also find adjustable jumper seats that allow you to change how high they’re positioned depending on your child’s age, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming for them.

What are the risks of using baby jumpers?

What are the risks of using baby jumpers?
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There are two risks with jumpers. The first issue is that mounted jumpers need to be connected to a door frame or beam in some manner.

So, it’s possible that an active baby may unintentionally strike his head, arm, or other body parts on the door frame.

The second issue is that any jumping seat — whether freestanding or mounted — may put the youngster’s hips in an uncomfortable posture, forcing them to work out the incorrect leg muscles.

when to stop using baby jumper?

There is no baby jumper age limit, but you have to notice that if your child can sit on his own and even start walking, you should stop using it. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission declared that baby jumpers should be moved out of babies when they learn to walk.

On the other side, some babies will decide on their own when they are done with it. On average, 12-19-month-olds achieve 2368 steps and fall 17 times/hour. 

You should keep in mind that some studies show walking is delayed in babies who spend more than 15 minutes in a jumper. Experts are advising no longer than 15-20 minutes two times a day.

 In conclusion, it is time to call it quits when:

– Baby outgrows it

– Baby is not interested in it anymore

– When they learn to roll

– When they learn to walk

“Listen and watch your baby, parents know best, and that is the only truth, and no mistake in that.” says Julie, a mother of three.

Remember to always follow the instructions of the jumper and that babies cannot control their movements in those first months. The position of a baby in a jumper is also very important, as much as choosing the adequate size of it. 

To quote Maya Angelo, a famous writer: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Wrapping up:

Thanks for reading the complete guide about when can you put a baby in a jumper. We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and informative. To sum up, we just want to say that it’s safe to put your baby in a jumper when they are six months old, and you can adjust the height so that it suits both of you. And, if you use it for more than 20 minutes at a time, we recommend taking breaks every ten minutes or so.

It is best not to leave them in there for too long as this can affect their development.

As a summary, we’ve included some of the safety tips below:

– Only use jumperoo’s that have been safety tested and approved by ASTM International.

– Never place your baby in a bouncer or walker for an extended period of time as they can cause developmental problems.

– Always follow manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines.

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