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Can Baby Sleep in the Swing all Night?

By Amy A. Vincent | Fact checked by Jenny Lord | Updated on April 21, 2021

There is no doubt that a baby loves to swing, bouncing, or rocking. Most babies love to sleep in motions. Here, a baby swing acts as a life-saver among parents. But is it safe to let the baby sleep in the swing for hours? Or, Can baby sleep in swing all night? Most of us don’t know about it. A little carelessness could be harmful to our babies. That is why every parent must know the answer.

Baby Sleeping In The Swing

A baby swing is completely safe if it is used correctly. You can soothe the cranky baby in a swing under observation when you are doing your household work or cooking dinner. But you cannot let the baby sleep in the swing all night.

The reason is that the sleeping position of a swing is more like a sitting position, not the correct posture of sleeping for a baby. There is an increased risk of Suffocation when the baby sleeps in a sitting device like swing, bouncer, or rocker.  And that asphyxiation (Medical word of Suffocation) could be dangerous for our babies.

But you don’t have to be panic! I will tell you the best way to use a baby swing, which is 100% safe for your baby and keep you tension free.

“When the little one is waking or crying, you can put her in a swing to soothe. When she falls asleep, you will place her to the crib.” It is that simple! It means you can let the baby play or soothe in a swing all day long, but you won’t let her sleep in the swing.

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How to Break Habit of Baby Sleeping In Swing

If your baby, has the habit of sleeping in a swing for a while, she won’t like to sleep in the crib initially. But don’t worry! You can slowly break this habit by following some simple tricks and allowing her to sleep in the crib or bed which is considered safe.

1. Move the baby in the crib or bed when she falls asleep:

When the little one falls asleep, move her into the crib. When she wakes up, she will find herself in it. It may help her get used to the crib or bed for sleeping. Continue it until the habit changes. 

can baby sleep in swing all night

2. Keep the baby awake in the swing: 

Keep your baby awake in the swing. You can keep her busy when she is in the swing. Put the baby in the swing during day time. You can give her some toys to play. You can even play some music or noise so that she can understand the swing is for playtime fun, not for sleeping.

3. Reduce the swing speed gradually:

The swing motions help the baby to sleep. If you slow the speed of the swing, the baby may stop sleeping in the swing. After playing when she is tired, and the movement fades away, you can move her to the crib.

4. Create a Sleep Friendly Environment:

When you move the little one in the crib for sleeping, make sure the environment is sleeping friendly. You can make the room dark and quiet so that the baby can sleep in the crib.

5. Soothe your baby to sleep:

The reason for falling asleep in the swing is that the baby gets a lot of soothing options in the swing like swinging, white noise, and vibrations, whereas these things are not available in the crib. If we take the help of other sleeping cues like lullabies, a gentle fan sound, etc., it will help the baby sleep in the crib. 

If none of these tricks work for your baby, you may need to visit your baby’s pediatrician. It is because sometimes acid reflux might make the baby uncomfortable to sleep on the flat surface. So, the doctor might figure out the reason and help you break the habit of baby sleeping in the swing a little more quickly. 

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How to Use a Baby Swing Safely

First of all, you should know the important thing is that a baby swing is entirely safe if you use it in a way that is designed to be used. It is also a necessary product for an infant. But excessive use of anything or using a product for meeting other purposes, which is not the ultimate goal of that particular product, may cause damage.

It is what happened to a baby swing. A baby swing is designed to soothe a baby. Not for sleeping the baby for long hours. But most parents let the baby sleep for hours in the swing, which is not advised actually. However, I have noted some key points that will help you use a baby swing safely:

1. Always read the user manual or product description: 

You must read the user manual or product description of the swing when buying it. You can make a note of the weight and height limit of the swing. If your baby becomes too heavy for the swing, it may break and cause injuries. On the other hand, some babies are too small to use a swing safely. 

How to use a baby swing safely

2. Don’t let your baby sleep in the swing for long hours:

As I have mentioned earlier, don’t let your baby sleep in the swing for long periods. When a baby sleeps in a swing in the upright sitting position, it creates suffocation, which is very dangerous for the little one. You can move the baby to a safe sleeping place from the swing. It is what The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends.

3. A swing is just an activity device; Not the replace of a crib:

You have to realize that a baby swing is not the replacement of a crib. It is just an activity device. You can use it to soothe your baby when she is crying, or she likes to play. Not for having a sound sleep. If she falls asleep, you have to move her to the crib or bed.

Final Verdict

So, you have already figured out that sleeping in a swing is harmful to a baby. Not only swing but also any sitting devices like a bouncer, rocker, or car seat, you shouldn’t let the baby sleep in those. When she needs to sleep or take a nap, please give her a flat surface for it.

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