Do I Need A Baby Swing? | an Important Guide for new parents (2022 Latest)

Last Updated on March 14, 2023

A new member is coming home? You are preparing a baby list for the little one. And the question arises; do I need a baby swing? Well, don’t worry! You will get the answer in this guide. So, continue reading!

Carrying the baby for nine months, you are so excited to cuddle your little one. It seems like you will embrace her all day long. But sometimes you need to put her down—it can be just for cooking lunch or a quick shower. 

Even you have to take some rest too! At that time, you need a safe space where you can put the baby in. That’s when you need a baby swing. Just pull up the seat, get the baby to soothe, and you complete your chores quickly.

We are describing below do you really need a swing for your child, what is child swing, and why you may need one!

Do I Need A Baby Swing? 

As there are several baby gears available on the market, the answer to this question lies in your personal preferences. If you can ensure a safe place for the little one to sleep and also have a tight budget, then a swing isn’t a must-have product for you.

But you should remember that a child swing works excellent for fussy babies to calm. And when you have to cook dinner, get a shower or get something done around the house, it isn’t easy to find an alternative to a swing. 

You can put the baby in the crib when she sleeps. But when she is awaking and wants to be around you, a swing is a perfect place to put in. You can move it near the bathroom, or kitchen and see the baby while taking a shower or cooking dinner.

Do I need a baby swing

And don’t forget baby loves to be in motion all the time as she was bouncing around the amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb for long nine months. After coming to this world, she might miss that womb situation and then start fussing. At that time, a baby swing plays a vital role to soothe the little one.

But it should also be noted that not all babies are swing lovers. As they are different human beings, no matter if they are small, their taste might differ.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is considered safe if you put your child in the swing for a limited time under observation. But it would be best if you did not let her sleep in the swing. Whenever she falls asleep, any upright sitting devices like a swing, car seat, bouncer, or rocker should move her to a flat, sleeping-oriented surface like a crib or bed.

We have shared some safety guidelines to keep your baby safe when in a swing in this link. You should follow these tips for your little one’s extra safety.

What Is Baby Swing?

If you are unsure about this baby gear; here is a quick overview:

A baby swing is a soothing device that comes up with a nicely padded chair based on a sturdy frame. It swings side to side in motion, some sway front to back, and some do both.

Most swings come with other features like vibration, removable toys, and music. There is a wide range of price variations available in the swing from reasonable to expensive. 

Some come with 2 in 1 combo. It means you can use it as a swing and bouncer or rocker as well.

Our Amy Baby Review staff have reviewed some excellent space-saving baby swings. These swings are perfect for small spaces because they can be folded up and stored. You may get ideas by following the link.

Types of Baby Swing

There are two types of baby swings in common. 1. Full-size baby swing, and 2. Compact baby swing.

A full-size swing comes with lots of functions and features. Apart from toys, music, vibrations, it has mp3, Bluetooth control, a light beam electronic mobile, and so on. It has a plug-in option to operate.

A compact swing is a small size baby swing. You can call it a portable baby swing too. I like this swing because it does not take up a lot of space in your house. You may get other functions like vibration, music, and toys in it.

But not all features that you get in a full-size swing. Most of the compact swings are battery-operated. Some of them have a plug-in option too.

What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Swing

There are few things to consider when choosing a baby swing. These things will help you find the best swing according to your needs.

what to consider when choosing a baby swing


Having a big house? Then, go for a full-size baby swing. You get more features in it. But if you have limited space in your home, you should get a swing that takes up less space. So, when you choose a swing, don’t forget to check the dimension.


You should choose a swing that you can move around the house. If the device is portable, you can get it with you at the time of taking a shower and keep the baby in front of you. 

Even if you visit your grandmother’s place or neighbour’s house, you can carry the portable swing with you to soothe the baby. And, then you can have a good time there.

Music or Sound: 

Music or sound might seek the baby’s attention when fussing. It keeps the baby calm and relaxed. So, it is necessary to have music in the swing you buy.

Easy to clean: 

The seat should be machine washable for easy cleaning. So, if the baby spits up, you can wash the seat pad in no time.

Your Budget: 

If budget is not your problem, then I suggest you go for a full-size baby swing. It has all the unique features that will blow your mind.

But if you have a tight budget and still want a swing for your little one, then you should go for a compact swing that comes up at an affordable price. We have a list of the top baby swings under $100. All of these swings are wonderful, but they cost less than 100 dollars. You may check out the link for some inspiration.

Adjustable seats: 

The swing you choose should come up with an adjustable seat. It will allow you to change seating positions, and you can use it as a baby bouncer when the little one grows.

Final Verdict:

So, by now, I think you have already realized whether you need a baby swing. If you have decided to have a swing for your little one, you should use it as a soothing device just for using the limited time in a day. When the baby falls asleep, you should move her to the crib or bed. 

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