How to Instantly Make a Baby Stop Crying: Famous Dr. Robert Hamilton Interview

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

Dr. Hamilton is a famous pediatrician in California who has been practicing for over 30 years. He has dedicated his life to improving the lives of children and their parents, especially by developing a unique holding technique to swiftly soothe a crying infant or going all over the world to provide medical treatment to those in need.

The technique he uses helps babies stop crying instantly when they are experiencing inconsolable bouts of tears due to colic or other reasons. This technique Dr. Hamilton has shown on a video which we have shared here in the middle of the post as well as we have also described it in text format. Anyone can use this technique at any time of day, and it has helped thousands of parents all over the world!

How to Instantly Make a Baby Stop Crying Famous Dr. Robert Hamilton Interview
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Why do we trust Dr. Hamilton?

Dr. Robert C. Hamilton has devoted his life to improving children’s and their parent’s lives, particularly by inventing a new holding technique that can quickly calm a crying baby. As we mentioned earlier, he has over 30 years of experience caring for kids.

Dr. Robert is also the founder of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, which was established in 1996. He is also a Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which denotes his interest in lifelong learning and dedication to children’s rights.

As a father of six children and the grandfather of seven, Dr. Hamilton’s commitment and dedication to his family are both personal and professional. It has allowed him to build a brand that he knows parents can trust, as he has utilized this vast amount of expertise.

He is very popular and known as the “baby whisperer.” and has been featured in many prints, radio, and television news reports throughout the world since he published “7 Secrets of the Newborn” in September 2018.

Since first uploading it on YouTube in 2015, his four-step technique for soothing crying babies — also known as “The Hold” — has been a viral hit.

Watch the tutorial yourself to see how desperate parents sighed with relief as “The Hold” restored calm in homes all around the world.

How To Calm A Crying Baby – Dr. Robert Hamilton Demonstrates “The Hold”

The Interview of Dr. Hamilton On How To Instantly Make A Baby Stop Crying In Text Format

A baby’s cry has been voted one of the worst sounds on earth. Making it stop is the holy grail of parenting. Here comes Dr. Hamilton. 23 million people have seen him perform a miracle.

Dr. Hamilton: “Here, we have a crying baby. I fold his right arm across its chest and then his left arm in front. And then very gently hold his little bottom and gently rock him up and down. What I do is I take one hand like that, another hand like that, and very gently hold him at a 45-degree angle.

When I examine the child in the hospital or my office, I frequently make them cry. Over the years, I’ve been able to really perfect this method of holding them, and it works very well. We’ve brought them up and down very gently. Sometimes we stir him to the left, and we stir him to the right.”

“Is this magic that baby just stopped crying. Who is this doctor or should I say magician?” said an eye-witnessed.

We also have a guide about why my baby is crying so much? If you’re a new parent, it’ll be beneficial to read.

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How he became the baby whisperer? But how does this magic work?

Chris Krisna Pillay, a biologist, says, “Dr. Hamilton believes that this technique works because it mimics the babies’ experience in the womb,” says Chris Krisna Pillay. “This combination of the familiar and the new provides a lot of different stimuli that overwhelm the baby’s instinct to cry,”

“By folding the baby’s arms across its chest creates a sense of containment. So, that’s a sense of familiarity for them,” says Carin Bonder, a biologist. “It’s almost as thought the baby’s going oh! Hellow world! This is new. I like it.”

“The gentle rocking motion mimics the sensation of floating inside the amniotic sac,” says Adam Ruben, a biologist. “The 45 degree angle has nothing to do with comforting the baby and everything to do with interesting the baby,”

 “Suddenly they’re at this angle that they’re not used to experiencing. Usually, they are on their back. You see the ceiling, they see some faces coming over. I’ve had four babies and I wish I had known about the “hold” Oh! The times.” Adam Ruben also added.

Dr. Hamilton: “Hopefully, this is helpful to you. Thank you for your attention. My best to your family.”

Our Thoughts

Sometimes an infant is so restless that it’s hard to get them calm. The sound hits deep inside every parent’s instinctual part of them that knows they are small and dependent on us for everything but can’t express themselves in any other way.

But sometimes, you might find yourself frustrated with your little one for having the audacity to shed tears in your presence despite your best efforts to calm them down. That’s why Dr. Robert created the “Hold” technique where mothers fold the baby’s arms across its chest and very gently hold its little bottom and gently rock him up and down.

It helps relax crying shoulders by providing massage with large hand or arm gestures which gradually decrease the pressure until all tension has drained away completely.

How about when mom is trying to get dinner ready? What if she is taking a quick shower? Crying babies make moms want to pull their hair out!

You may use a baby swing and keep the infant next to you at that time. They were in the amniotic sac, and they missed them on the ground. As a result, the gentle swaying motion of a baby swing will also help the infant stop crying as well.

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