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4moms RockaRoo & MamaRoo Infant Insert for colic | Amy Baby review

By Amy A. Vincent | Fact checked by Jenny Lord | Updated on June 15, 2021

Colic is no joke. When you have a newborn, colic can be an absolute nightmare. It can make caring for your baby difficult and stressful. One way to help with colic is by using MamaRoo Infant Insert if you are using 4moms Mamaroo or the 4moms RockaRoo!

The Mamaroo Insert for Colic is designed to give babies the swaddling feeling that many newborns prefer. This is because it provides extra support for the baby, which can help reduce colic symptoms and make it easier to soothe your little one. If you have a colicky infant, this insert may be just what you are looking for!

This product helps provide support and comfort to babies who suffer from this condition. The multi plush fabric insert is machine washable, the padded seat folds up for easy transport and storage, and it’s a necessity if you’re going to use your mamaroo with a newborn!

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I give this five stars out of five stars because there are, in my opinion, no negatives that come with using the inserts. With colic being such an awful condition to deal with as a new mother or father, anything we can do to help provides support for our little ones should be welcomed without question!

If you care about buying quality products made by high-quality companies, I will urge you to invest in this product. You won’t regret it!

I highly recommend the mamaRoo for any new mother or father. And I would also say that you should consider buying the insert if you’re going to be using the 4 moms mamaroo or rockaroo with a newborn. It is worth every penny!


1. What is the fabric content?

Answer: The cool mesh newborn insert is 100% Polyester made which is very sturdy and comfortable too.

2. Does it compatible with rock n play?

Answer: The 4moms newborn insert is compatible with the 4moms mamaRoo and 4moms rockaRoo.

3. Can the swing still be used with a newborn without the insert?

Answer: You can use the 4moms mamaRoo 4, and the 4moms rockaRoo infant swings with newborns without the insert. But you may use it because it provides extra support for your baby. The newborn insert provides a soft surface and a swaddling feeling that helps soothe the colic baby.


My review of MamaRoo Infant Inserts concludes by saying they are an absolute necessity for anyone who will use their rockaroos or mamaroos need support with colic while being rocked. The inserts provide additional comfort and support where it’s needed most–for your baby’s backside during those long hours on the go. Not only do these produce high-quality products but there are so many different colors available.

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