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Vtech Sit To Stand Learning Walker Review – Why You Should Invest In It?

By Amy A. Vincent | Fact checked by Jenny Lord | Updated on July 27, 2021

The Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker is a toy that can help your child learn how to walk. The toy has many features that make it great for teaching kids about walking and developing their motor skills. What are the pros and cons of buying this toy? How much does it cost? Is this product worth getting or not? Read on to find out!

Vtech sit to stand learning walker
Courtesy – Vtech

What is a Vtech sit to stand learning walker?

A Vtech sit-to-stand baby walker is perfect for babies who cannot take those first steps independently but want more mobility than standing in place with an activity center alone. It is a push walker with large wheels, so it can go on any surface, including the carpet floor.

Why should you buy the Vtech sit to stand learning walker?

Why should you buy the Vtech sit to stand learning walker

If you are looking for a toy that engages your child and promotes physical development, this Vtech toy would be a perfect pick for you. It has many interactive features like 5 colorful piano keys that play music and pretend telephone handset that stimulate your child’s imagination.

The bright colors, over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects, and fun phrases will keep them engaged for hours while they are learning to walk.

It can also be a great tool in teaching children how to count, practise letter and number recognition skills, learn about shapes and more due to its 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons!

This toy is made of plastic which makes it durable enough for even the most active toddlers. The play panel is removable to encourage floortime play, or the little one can use it on the go.

Another great reason to invest in Vtech sit to stand learning walker is that it is one of the cheapest baby toys that will make your child take their first steps and explore more independently with less fussing than if you were holding onto them all day!

What is the recommended age group for using this walker?

The recommended age for using this walker is from 9 months to three years old. But remember most doctors say baby walkers are so dangerous. So, whenever the baby plays with this kind of device, your observation is mandatory. You can read on some safety guidelines for using a baby walker by following the link.

What are the pros and cons of buying a Vtech sit to stand learning walker?

Removable play station of Vtech sit to stand learning walker

Vtech sit to stand learning walker is a really well-made toy that will last for years and keep your child entertained. Here, we’ll list the pros and cons of buying this product.

The Pros: 

-Promotes independent play, which is great for motor skills.

-Less fussing since children have less interaction with you while they’re playing instead of being held all day.

-Great toy for the price and quality! These are hardy toys that your child will learn from just by using them. This makes it worth every penny of what you pay for it, especially when other expensive brands like Fisher-Price can be pricier than this one in some cases.

-The play panel is detachable so that your child can find their own way to explore it.

-You can adjust the speed limit and lock the back wheels for pre-walkers.

-The play panel has easy touch buttons for various games and sounds. It also includes three light-up buttons, different shapes on the walker, which are great for teaching your little one about colors, matching, or sorting.

-This product has a wide variety of play, not just for walking but also for music and educational skills that are age-appropriate for children at different stages of development.

The Cons: 

-The music is loud that may be annoying to parents.

-You can’t fold it, but you can disassemble the legs for storage.

Some real users review on the VTech sit to stand learning walker:

Wanda G. Jarema explained, “This toy is a great alternative to walkers. I am very happy with its progress. My grandson started by pulling himself up and has since graduated to pushing around and learning some problem-solving skills.”

Amanda S. said, “I love the sit to stand function of this walker as it grows with the baby because the front part comes off. Another great feature is that the wheels lock to slow the baby down and rolls slowly on the carpet. It is a little lightweight, so I do see my daughter not being able to pull up without it slightly tipping, so far she hasn’t fallen yet! The music is good, and she loves the removable phone portion to it!”

Carol said, “One-year-old twins who are almost walking—any minute now—love this toy. Very satisfied with the purchase.”

Mike said, “This toy was perfect as an entertaining device plus a great walker. My grandson loved it and used it to keep his balance while trying to learn to walk, which is perfect for him. Do not hesitate to purchase this. It is great for what it is.”

How much does it cost for a Vtech sit to stand walking learner?

For $38, you get an awesome educational and developmental toy! You won’t regret getting this product for your kids because, in return, you’ll be seeing them take their first steps sooner than later!

But different sellers might sell it in a different price range. So, it’s better to check the latest price before buying.

Is this product worth getting or not?

The Vtech sit to stand learning walker is an excellent choice because of its colorful and engaging design that helps teach little ones how to balance themselves while also walking!

It also develops cognitive skills with the different activities that it has. And the product quality is very good for the price.

So, if you want something affordable but with features that make life easier as a parent, then yes, it’s totally worth getting this product! Investing in these types of items now will help save your money in the future.

How to assemble a Vtech baby walker?

The Vtech sit to stand learning walker is really easy and quick to assemble. The following video will help you with the process!

Can I return this if I don’t like it or need something else instead?

Yes, you can. You have 30 days to request a refund for anything bought from Amazon.com as long as you ship back the product in new condition and no damage has been done to it. But remember, only items that are shipped and sold by Amazon.com qualify for a refund.

Does my child have any other choices with this type of toy?

There are many different options for toys like these, but parents will find that Vtech is one of their best options if they want something affordable. However, our Amy Baby Review team have reviewed some great wooden walkers for toddlers, you can read on by following the link. Or, if you’d like to have a baby bouncer walker, you can get some ideas in this post.

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