Why is my baby so fussy all of a sudden and What I can do about it?

Last Updated on May 22, 2023

A mother’s job is never done, and this includes when her baby cries. There are many reasons for the fussiness of a newborn; some babies cry because they’re hungry or need to be changed, others may have colic, while still others might just be fussy from being tired. In this blog post, I will discuss why is your baby so fussy and what you can do about it.

Why Is your Baby So Fussy and What You Can Do To Help

Why Is My Baby So Fussy
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The baby is hungry: 

If the child’s been fed, burped, and changed but still seems really unhappy while crying it may just be because he/she needs to eat again. Try feeding your baby again or giving her a bottle with formula. It’s important to burp your baby after feeding her.

They often do this when they are about two hours old or after being awake for a long time without eating. If you’re not sure what your baby might need in terms of nutrition, paediatrician advice on what to feed them will help a lot too!

The baby is wet: 

If the child is crying and has a dirty diaper, you’ll need to change him or her before giving them something else to eat or drink. Make sure they’re dry all over first! If this doesn’t work, it might be colic, which I will discuss in another blog post.

The baby needs their pacifier back: 

If the fussiness lasts more than an hour (up until about three months of age), try putting the pacifier back into their mouth for some relief. This often suggests that there might be pain from teething going on inside while outside it may just feel like pressure rather than actual discomfort. 

The baby is lonely: 

If the child starts crying when you pick them up, it may just mean that they’re feeling a little bit insecure and want to have close contact with Mom or Dad again. They need reassurance! Give them your full attention for about 20 minutes before putting them down again. This will show her/him how much she’s loved by providing comfort and security in one place at least while he can’t get their needs met elsewhere.

The baby is tired: 

If a child cries for no apparent reason, they may just be too exhausted and need to get some sleep. This might happen when she/he doesn’t seem like their crying would stop even after being fed or changed. Try rocking her/him on your chest while lying down comfortably in bed until s/he falls asleep! 

The baby is in pain: 

If your child has been crying for a long period of time and it doesn’t seem like they’re hungry or tired, then there may be something wrong. Crying that sounds painful should never go ignored! See what’s bothering them (perhaps their diaper needs to be changed) as well as comforting them by rubbing her/his back. Also, make sure you seek professional advice from doctors – such things can get serious quickly. 

The baby wants a change of pace: 

If your child has been crying for a long period of time and seems like they’re tired, but still is not stopping, then there might be something wrong. Try rocking her/him on your chest while lying down comfortably in bed or you can use a baby swing until he/she falls asleep! However, you can also try to distract them with some new toys or activities. 

Your Child Needs Attention: 

Your Child Needs Attention
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If it’s clear that the reason behind their constant tears is attention – no matter how many times you feed or change him – he will just keep wailing at full force; this may happen when she/he gets bored very easily.

Give them what they want by giving lots of love and speaking softly to them so that they feel comfortable. Take care to give them the attention that they need!

The Baby is getting too warm: 

If your child is crying and their face appears red, it may be due to being overstimulated or simply because she/he’s hot from all of the clothes on her/him. Try changing up the baby by removing some layers and make sure you are in an area where there isn’t a lot of noise so that she can calm down. 

Your Child Needs More Sleep: 

If your infant has been constantly waking up for no reason, then this could mean that he needs more sleep before his next feeding time – try not to give him any snacks so as not to disrupt his natural sleeping patterns at night. You may also want to try swaddling your baby up in a blanket or using white noise so that he can feel more secure.

A Few Solutions For Fussy Babies: 

Every child is different, and what works for one may not work as well with another. Some babies might cry due to hunger while others crave a change in their routine that you can provide by trying some new activities like singing or reading them a story! 

It’s always important to keep track of when they have been fed recently so as not to miss any problems arising from dehydration (National Sleep Foundation). Let’s dig into some solutions on what we can do to soothe our baby. 

You can also read this guide that will be so helpful for you: 10 Tips On How To Soothe A Newborn Baby

  • Set aside some time just for the two of you. 
  • Try distracting them with some toys or a toy that flashes lights to catch their attention. 
  • Take off any layers and make sure they are in an area where there is not much noise so that they can calm down
  • Using white noise like a fan or vacuum cleaner to help drown out external noises, 
  • Swaddling them up in a blanket.
  • Talking to your child softly and calmly, singing songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while touching her gently- anything really! 

Just remember these simple steps when dealing with fussy babies no matter how old they are and see how much better they will feel!

The wrap up

Thanks for reading the complete guide about why is my baby so fussy. I hope you’ve found this article helpful and informative. To sum up, I just want to say that it’s really hard to know why a baby cries sometimes because babies don’t always have the words to explain themselves. But hopefully, these tips will help ease some of those worries and allow parents more peace of mind when tending towards their little ones!

If these steps don’t seem to be working, try talking to other parents who have children close in age- remember everyone’s experience is equally valid! Don’t forget there are plenty of emotional reasons why your baby could be crying too and it would help if someone else checked into those.

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