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Last Updated on May 23, 2023

Nursery gliders are a great addition to any nursery, especially for new parents. They make it easier to feed and comfort your baby since you can sit down comfortably. However, many people ask themselves how long they should use the glider. Is it just for when the baby is really young, or are you using it up to age three or four years old? There are many people that don’t know what they should be using their nursery gliders for. Our Amy Baby Review experts will help answer any questions on this subject!

Here, we’ll learn:

  • How long do you use a nursery glider?
  • When can I take a rocking chair out of the nursery?
  • What are the uses of nursing chairs after my children grow up?

How long do you use a nursery glider?
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how long do you use a rocking chair Or a nursery glider?

“I bought a glider thinking I wouldn’t use it for long, just to soothe the fussy baby and then get rid of it after she was a few months. However, she is now 6 months old, and I am still using it every day, much more than I originally anticipated,” says Nicole Park, a mom of two.

We did a poll with this question, and most of the respondents answered three years! The truth is that there is no right answer. Some think that it is a matter of personal choice.

After you finish breastfeeding, there are a lot of activities you can do in a nursery glider and use it afterward. Some moms use it regularly to comfort babies. If you are fine with cosleeping with your baby, you wouldn’t need to use it as often. When the baby is in the crib, you’ll need to use it frequently to feed and sleep him.

So, if you think that it would help your child sleep better or read a bedtime story in it, you can use it for a long time, and there is no age limit. The most accurate answer to this question is to use it from the birth of the child onwards and see if it suits you.

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when to take rocking chair out of nursery?

When can I take a rocking chair out of the nursery?
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When to get rid of rocking chair in nursery? I understand that a nursery chair takes up so much space in the room! The nursing room is jam-packed with other baby gears, including a swing, crib, changing table, and so on. It seems like there is no room to walk in the nursery.

Nicole park, a mum of two says, “I use nursing chair multiple times a day and I use the ottoman as a changing table. Every time I’m done with it I have to move the footstool against the wall and then back when I need it again. I have tried re-arraigning the room with no luck. when to remove rocking chair for nursery?”

That’s a common problem of most moms that has no easy answer. Experts advise that if you want to take it out, wait at least two years after you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

It’s because the nursery glider is the most suitable feeding chair for breastfeeding. The comfy seat pad not only helps you to relax while feeding but also keeps your baby cozy and comfortable. Its smooth gliding motion also helps the baby send back to sleep. Even more, most moms use it for diaper changing, feeding, and reading bedtime stories.

So, you should be decisive and consider all these factors before removing the glider chair from the nursery.

We also have a guide on the benefits of nursery rockers. You may also read it for further information.

What are the uses of nursing chairs after my children grow up?

So where to use the glider chair after it outgrows the nursery? Well, you can use it in numerous places that not only give your home a fresh new appearance but also may be quite useful.

1. Put it in the living room:

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

You can add it to the living room with the rest of the furniture. Well, it is still a piece of furniture, right? You can use it for yourself, while reading a book, watching TV and listening to music.

2. Place it beside the fireplace:

You can put it next to the fireplace and welcome future winter days in it. “The glider sits in the corner and is where my husband often comes to sit and chat with me while I’m at the desk going through mail or when we go through paperwork together. It’s right by the window, and I like to sit there and read whenever I’m able to grab some quiet time for myself.” The good old corner will do just fine, as long as you use it well.

3. Use it as a guest room chair:

Angel Line 61311-49 Windsor Glider and Ottoman

It can be an excellent addition to your guest room’s decor. When guests come to visit, they’ll surely appreciate the comfort of the glider chair when relaxing.

4. Shift it in your bedroom:

Your glider chair has outgrown the nursery? So what. You can move it to your bedroom. Put it next to your bed or any other area of the room. You may use it while reading, chatting on the phone, or needing some rest.

5. Put it next to the window:

If you have a nice window view, wouldn’t it be great to place your glider chair there? As you glide with a stunning view, unwind and sink into relaxation mode.

6. The little ones will use it for themselves:

Years after, your child will use it for some pile of clothes for school. Admit it, we all have that one chair that serves as a closet.

7. Use it as an outdoor chair:

If you have a nice big yard, you can take out the pillows, put some new ones, and make it into a piece of patio furniture. Starting from zero age to good old days, glider covers it all. We have a guide on how to clean glider cushions. If you need to clean your glider cushions, you may find this guide useful.

8. Give it as a gift to someone else:

If you do not want it in your house anymore, you can always gift it to someone. I am sure those grandparents, once they see it, wouldn’t leave the house.


Wrapping up:

Thanks for reading the complete guide about how long do you use a nursery glider. We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and informative. To sum it all up, we just want to say that these are just some of the examples and benefits of a nursery glider.

Now that you know all of that, we hope we made some decisions easier for you. From longevity to durability, it is all relative. If you want to buy a nursery glider, buy the one that is of good quality and comfortable, so it can serve you for a long time.

Our team of experts has reviewed the best glider for small nursery. These gliders are compact but very comfortable. If your nursery is small, you’ll find this guide so useful

The quality of a nursery glider has a huge effect on its lifetime. Whatever your decision, know that a nursery glider will be your best friend in parenthood and later on. Your baby and your back will thank you.

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