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So, when can a baby start using walker? 

Well, using a walker for a baby has been so controversial. Some say it is okay to let the baby use a walker under observation. Some say a baby should never use a walker. 

Even some countries like Canada banned it. However, a baby walker is very popular among parents. And still, it is widely used all over the world. But I suggest all parents, whenever you use a walker for your baby, always keep an eagle eye on them. 

If you want to know the baby’s appropriate age of using a walker, there is no exact age actually. It all depends on the baby’s strength, development, and size, which vary from baby to baby.

But usually, a walker is designed for babies between the ages of 4 to 16 months. But you have to remember, the little one should be able to hold up his head quite nicely, and the toe should be grounded on the floor while using a walker. 

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The Key Factors of Using a Baby Walker

As there is no appropriate age of using a baby walker, you have to observe the baby closely to determine whether the right time of putting the baby into a walker has come or not. If you find the baby can do the following things, you’d realize that the little one is capable of using a baby walker now.

Good Crawler: 

If the baby is crawling well, he should prepare for making the first step on his feet.

Stand In The Crib: 

When you see the little one is standing in the crib with little support, it is the time to explore the surroundings. 

Sit Properly: 

Once the baby can sit without any support and doesn’t fall back or to the side, he now has enough strength to learn to walk.

Tries to Stand up: 

When the little one thinks there is enough crawling, it’s time to walk. He’ll try to stand up of his own and try to walk with you. At that time, you can get him a baby walker.

When can a baby start using walker
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Minimum Age Required: 

While your baby is 6 months old or up, you can encourage him to walk with the walker. But some babies take more time to get stronger. It is completely normal.

It Is Very Playful & Energetic: 

If the baby has full of energy and wants to play around the house, you can get him a walker to have some adventure under observation.

Advantages of A Baby Walker: 

A baby walker has some benefits that I have pointed below: 

Keep the baby engaged:

A baby loves to play around the house. A walker allows them to move around every corner of the house. It keeps the baby engaged and playful all the time. 

But you should keep a close eye on your baby when he is in a walker. And never let him go near stairs or enter into any dangerous room like the kitchen, bathroom, etc. You can use the baby gate at those places for extra safety.

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Helps baby to walk:

With the help of a walker, a baby takes his first steps. It encourages him to walk on his own.

Promote mobility:

When the little one is 8-9 months old, he wants to explore everything in the house. A baby walker enhances mobility and helps to walk around without your assistance.

Make the body strong: 

As the baby walks around the house with the help of a walker, it makes their legs and spine strong. 

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The Disadvantage of Using A Baby Walker:

Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. A baby walker is not an exception. Even it may harm you more rather than the benefit if you don’t observe your baby while he is in a walker.

Delay walking: 

A baby using walkers may delay in walking than those who don’t. The reason is he gets used to walking with the aid. All he has to do is put his toe on the floor, sit on a walker, and then push off and ride on the wheels.

Easy to reach everywhere: 

Out of reach objects may be easily reachable for a baby using a walker. It can lead to an injury.

Disadvantages of a baby walker
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Uncontrollable Speed:  

If the baby runs fast with the walker, it can lead to an accident because the little one might not slow down the pace at that time.

Get Pinched: 

If the baby bumps into a wall, their fingers may get pinched when they are holding on. Even if the walker collapses, the little one may get hurt with the metal hinges.

Limited Movement: 

As the babies sit on the walkers, all they can move is their legs. They can’t sit on the floor, crawl, or move their full body.

How long Can You Use A Walker?

You can’t put a baby in the walker all day long or for a prolonged time. If you do so, it may hurt their back. So, to avoid any hurting, you can follow these simple tips suggested by pediatricians:

  • When the baby is sufficiently energetic in the daytime, you should teach your child how to ride a walker.
  • You can let him use it for 2-3 minutes initially.
  • When he gets used to it and start liking, you can gradually increase the time for 3-5 minutes in a day in total.
  • As the little one becomes a master of the walker, quickly moves, turns back, and runs faster, you can let him use it for 40 minutes maximum. You can break it into 3-4 sets, like four sets of 10 minutes or two sets of 20 minutes.
  • It would be best if you didn’t extend the time than recommended. Otherwise, it can harm your little one’s spine. 

Final Verdict

So, by now, you’ve already figured out when a baby can start using a walker? But whenever you put the baby in the walker, don’t forget your observation is mandatory. A little carelessness may cause serious injury to your little one. So, if you think you’ll be cooking dinner or having some rest by putting the baby into a walker, then it is not a safe toy for your child.


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