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Last Updated on May 7, 2023

When can a baby start using a walker? The answer to this question is not as simple as you might think. It really depends on the age and development of your child. In general, a baby walker is designed for babies between the ages of 4 to 16 months.

However, keep in mind that your child should be able to support his head well, and the toe should stay grounded on the floor while using a walker.

Is using a baby walker good for babies?

When can a baby start using walker

Using a walker for a baby has generated a lot of debate. Some claim that it is acceptable for the infant to utilize a walker under supervision. Some believe that a child should never use a walker.

A few countries, including Canada have banned baby walkers. Although it is illegal in several nations, a baby walker is highly popular among parents. And yet, it is still utilized all around the world. However, I encourage all parents to be extremely vigilant whenever they use a walker for their child. Our Amy Baby Review experts have put together a comprehensive article about baby walkers. You may read it for further information.

There is no precise age at which a walker should be used; it all depends on the baby’s strength, development, and size.

A walker is usually suited for children between the ages of four and sixteen months. However, you must keep in mind that the infant should be able to support his head well, and the toe should be grounded on the floor while using a walker.

If your baby is short, our team of experts have reviewed some great walkers for short babies. You might like to check it out for further information.

The Key Factors of Using a Baby Walker

Because there is no age restriction for using a baby walker, you have to closely monitor the infant to see whether the appropriate moment to put him or her in one has arrived. If you discover that your child can perform the following activities, it’s safe to assume he or she could utilize a baby walker now.

Good Crawler: 

If the baby is crawling properly, he should be prepared to take his first steps on his feet.

Stand In The Crib: 

When you see the little one is standing in the crib with little support, it is time to explore the surroundings. 

Sit Properly: 

When the baby can sit without any support and doesn’t fall back or to the side, he has developed enough strength to learn to walk.

Tries to Stand up: 

When the toddler believes he’s reached his limit in terms of crawling, it’s time to walk. He’ll attempt to stand up and accompany you on his own. Then you may give him a baby walker at that point.

When can a baby start using walker
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Minimum Age Required: 

You can start using the walker with your child when he is 6 months old or older. Some babies, on the other hand, need more time to strengthen. It’s quite typical.

It Is Very Playful & Energetic: 

If your youngster is full of energy and wants to play all around the house, a walker may give him some adventure while being observed.

When your kid reaches the following milestones, you may give them a baby walker. Our Amy Baby Review staff has compiled a list of some fantastic baby walkers that work on carpet. For some inspiration, go to the link.

Advantages of A Baby Walker: 

The advantages of a baby walker are as follows:

Keep the baby engaged:

A baby enjoys spending time throughout the home. A walker allows them to explore every nook and cranny of the house. It keeps the baby engaged and playful all the time.

However, you should keep an eye on your youngster when he is in a walker. Also, never allow him to go near steps or enter any hazardous space such as the kitchen or bathroom. For added protection, use the baby gate at those locations.

Helps baby to walk:

A baby begins to walk with the assistance of a walker. It encourages him to walk on his own.

Promote mobility:

At 8-9 months old, your child wants to discover everything about the house. A baby walker allows you to walk without holding him, and it also aids in mobility.

Make the body strong: 

As the baby walks around the house with the help of a walker, it makes their legs and spine strong. 

The Disadvantage of Using A Baby Walker:

Everything has benefits and drawbacks. A baby walker is not exempt from this rule. Even if it causes you more harm than benefit if you don’t keep an eye on your child while he’s in a walker,

Delay walking: 

The walkers may delay a baby’s ability to walk. The reason is because he becomes accustomed to walking with the assistance of them. All he has to do is sit on a walker, put his toe on the floor, push off with his legs and ride on wheels.

Easy to reach everywhere: 

A walker can make it possible for a baby to reach out-of-reach objects. It’s possible to get hurt as a result of this.

Disadvantages of a baby walker
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Uncontrollable Speed:  

If the youngster is walking with a walker and runs fast, he or she may trip since the pace will not be slowed down at that moment.

Get Pinched: 

If your baby bumps into a wall, it’s possible that their fingers will be pinched while they’re holding on. Even if the walker folds up, the tiny one may get injured by the metal hinges.

Limited Movement: 

All the infants can do is scoot around on their walkers. They can’t sit on the floor, crawl, or move their entire body.

How long Can You Use A Walker?

You can’t put a baby in the walker all day long or for a prolonged time. If you do so, it may hurt their back. So, to avoid any hurting, you can follow these simple tips suggested by pediatricians:

  • When the baby is sufficiently energetic in the daytime, you should teach your child how to ride a walker.
  • You can let him use it for 2-3 minutes initially.
  • When he gets used to it and start liking, you can gradually increase the time for 3-5 minutes in a day in total.
  • As the little one becomes a master of the walker, quickly moves, turns back, and runs faster, you can let him use it for 40 minutes maximum. You can break it into 3-4 sets, like four sets of 10 minutes or two sets of 20 minutes.
  • It would be best if you didn’t extend the time than recommended. Otherwise, it can harm your little one’s spine. 

Final Verdict

So, when can a baby start using a walker? You’ve already determined this, haven’t you? But don’t forget to keep an eye on your child while they are in the walker. A little carelessness may result in significant damage to your infant.

According to studies, using a baby walker on a carpet is less hazardous than using it on tiles or hardwood floors. We have a comprehensive guide concerning whether or not baby walkers are okay on carpets. You may read more about it in our article Are Baby Walkers Safe on Carpets?

We also don’t recommend preparing dinner, doing chores, or taking a nap while the baby is in a walker.

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